Batwing’s New Direction!

This may not be new news exactly but I’m sure some of you have not herd it yet. In the last wave of DC comics cancellations Batwing again managed to elude the grim reaper and remain on store shelves unlike Static Shock, Voodoo and Mr. Terrific despite dwindling sales figures every month.

Now some may remember the departure of Judd Winnick from the title back in August 2012. Now we have Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti set to take over from fill in writer Fabian Nicieza:

Batwing new“The last two books with new people is “Legion Of Superheroes,” where Francis Portela is returning to art, and “Batwing” where Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti are taking over the title. Justin and Jimmy are a duo that have done fare like “Jonah Hex” or “All-Star Western,” and the Freedom Fighters characters. Did they come to you about wanting to write Batwing?

Harras: They came to us with, and I do want to stress that Fabian [Nicieza] was there to help us out during transition time; he’s a great guy and really helped us out there. But Jimmy and Justin really pitched a new direction for Batwing that was very intriguing. And when I say new direction, I mean —

Chase: — a really solid new direction.

Harras: That’s really what sold us on it, to take “Batwing” in this direction.”

What is this new direction? Only time will tell but if this art to the right is to be believed we may be looking at a new costume and a mix between Iron man meets Batman in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to review the Batwing brand in the meantime check out the Sales Figures on the book and read all the Batwing related content on the site.

More as it breaks!

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