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New Avengers (2013) #15 Review

newavengers2013#15 1

 Just who, or what is the Black Swan? Black Panther and the Illuminati make a shocking discovery about their mysterious ally! All this and…..everything dies! 


The Good

Cover-A painting-esque rendition showing Black Swan in the foreground while statues of the Illuminati surround her in the background.

Art- Simone Bianchi’s art is pitch perfect this issue with, I have no complaints. Complimenting the line work of Bianchi are some bold and dynamic colors courtesy of Adriano Dall’alpi. Good stuff!

Action- Not a whole lot but dismemberment and disintegration are used to break up the rather exposition heavy plot.

Reveal- Clearly we expected the Black Priests to be kill-able but the casual nature by which the Black Swans do it was rather anticlimactic. Nonetheless it was good to know they are not the threat they originally seemed to be.

Story- The Illuminati use their devices to check the background of their “ally” Black Swan. They discover she will betray them and has seemingly more power than they realize. Later they jail her once more hoping to prevent the dismal future they watched from ever happening.

Black Hero- Black Panther the King of the Dead/Most dangerous man alive is present and accounted for.

The Bad

The Reveal-So the big reveal is that the Black Swan is not an ally? Really? Did the readers or the Illuminati trust this chick when in her debut issue she betrays her allies and has them all slaughtered (See New Avengers (2013) #1 for details?

Fight- Am I the only one who would have loved to actually see the Illuminati vs. the Black Swan? No? I didn’t think so! I would have paid good money and enjoyed it allot more than I did this issue if I witnessed a good old fashioned knock down drag out fight.

Somber- It’s becoming a bit overbearing that everything is doom and gloom always with this title. You can only see so much dismemberment and death before it really loses its ‘sting’.

Exposition- At some point it just gets too much, this book is heavy on the exposition



The Ugly

New Avengers #15 was surprisingly average and dull. We have great art sure but the “big reveal” lacked any kind of punch. This issue gets a 2.5/5

stars- 2.5

New Avengers (2013) #14 Review

Newavengers2013#14 0The Map Makers finally appear, and a member of the Illuminati makes

a secret deal that will leave your mouth on the floor!

All this and the secret of the Black Swan….

The Good

Cover- Bianchi does a good job this month with the cover which illustrates Dr. Strange levitating with multiple arms reminiscent of the Hindu god, Shiva. The backdrop this time is a demonic horde. I love every inch of it so much so I would send the poster version back in time to my teenage self.

Art- Thank the heavens this book is proving to be more like Bianchi’s work on Green Lantern than Astonishing X-men! Everything works. Every freaking thing! Bianchi’s art is detailed, somber, foreboding and evocative of all the good vampire/supernatural shows that have come before. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural and True Blood all come to mind. Keep this up Bianchi and I’ll be a very happy camper! Newavengers2013#14 1

Adriano Dall’alpi must also get his props because his delicate yet striking colors complimented Bianchi’s line work with delicate kisses that send chills up my proverbial spine.

Action- The map makers vs the other dimensional Illuminati gave us just enough blood, guts and sweat to keep everyone happy.

Story- These glimpses into other worlds our heroes are getting are pretty scary. Every glimpse more terrible than the last, they see themselves and loved one eviscerated, killed, skewered.

Villains- The Map makers make an appearance at last and we also realize that they are tied into the blue incursion events. While they lack the scare factor of the Black Priests but still manage to prove their power by vanquishing Dr. Doom, Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther and others.

The Sinners Market- Newavengers2013#14 3Easily the greatest part of this issue. Dr. Strange, puppet during INFINITY does the only thing he thinks he can, increase his power exponentially. Just like last issue I’m getting a decidedly willow circa Buffy season 6. Dr. Strange is arguably the most powerful member of the Illuminati already. As was pointed out in previous New Avengers tales by Bendis Stephen must concentrate or needs his hands to really use his abilities. INFINITY pointed out power is not all. He was mind controlled by Ebony Maw and lead to the formation of the Mighty Avengers by summoning Shuma Gorath. Having more power may make him a bigger threat. Also what are the ramifications of losing one’s soul? For Madelyne Pryor she became a puppet for demons and went insane. For other they lose all sense of right and wrong……sure Stephen is getting godhood…….but what are the consequences to said power? Is it godhood like Thor…or Godhood like Zues and Odin? Hickman has me by the hang lows once again.

Black Heroes- Black Panther/T’challa makes an appearance.

 Emotion- No comic book is perfect without some emotional resonance. Watching Stephen walk through the sinners market and what he was willing to barter with shows just how far he’s fallen. How much his recent shortcomings weigh heavily on soul. His inadequacy as sorcerer supreme lead him to lose the mantle. Doctor Voodoo took over and was killed because Stephen kept the secret of the Eye of Agamotto from him. And despite his power he became a pawn  during INFINITY. To say he has emotional baggage is an understatement and their are details I’m deliberately leaving out for he sake of brevity.

The Bad

Ear- Ok while I loved the entire package, Mr. Fantastic’s ear on the opening pages had this romulan/elf like pointy tip that had me scratching my head.

The Ugly

Great art, great cover, simply edge of your seat, mouth dropping emotional stuff from start to finish. We give New Avengers (2013) #14- 5/5

stars- 5 excellent

New Avengers (2013) #13 Review

Newavengers2013#13 2 INHUMANITY TIE-IN! – “THE OTHER SIDE” With the consequences of Infinity fresh on their minds, tough decisions are made.The gathering of a new Illuminati.We learn more about the other beings related to the Incursions.

The Good

Next Threat- The Black Priests are apparently the next big bad for the New Avengers after the Builders. This was a cool introduction which reminded me of such great villain intros as the Mayor or father in season three of Buffy the vampire slayer or Glory from the same series. Great job Hickman!

Art- The interiors art was better than the cover. It has a dark foreboding nature which fits the overall somber tone of the book very well.

Doctor Strange- Just what exactly is Dr. Strange doing? He may well unleash a threat to rival the next big bad…or become the next big bad himself? I’m getting a very Willow circa Buff season 5 vibe from the good doctor.

Alternate events- This issue has an alternate series of events taking place parallel to what happened in the aftermath of Infinity. The Black Priests arrive and destroy the alternate Illuminati with ease during an incursion. In our world the heroes with help from the Black Swan are able to view what has happened in this alternate world with dread.

Black Hero- Black Panther was here front and center. In the alternate would Shuri also got some panel time.

The Bad

Cover- How hideous is Simone Bianchi’s cover art for this issue? Far too many ways to count, that’s how much!  Bianchi is one of those artists whose work is hit and miss. On Astonishing X-men he drew both Storm and Emma Frost as hideous. On Green Lantern his work was divine and here…..it’s bad.

The Ugly

Despite all my Buffy similarities which I may add are a a good thing since I love Buffy. New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman is still one the best comics you can throw your money on every month. It’s a solid book with great storytelling, great group dynamics and just enough mystery to keep you guessing at every turn. I give it a 3.5/5

stars- 3.5

New Avengers (2013) #12 Review

Newavengers2013 #12 1


The House of Black Bolt crumbles.

New friends, new enemies.

The Good

Cover- Thanos, frozen in perpetual un-death bathed in orange hues on a plain white background.

Heartbreaking- This issue T’challa has to deal with the fallout from Infinity, his absence while the capitol was attacked and the defection of the Dora Milaje. Oh lord. My heart is heavy reading and reviewing this issue. T’challa, the deadliest man alive, king of the dead and leader of the new Illuminati has now paid the ultimate price for saving the world. He is a man without a home and without allies in that home. The Dora Milaje are loyal unto death to T’challa, a quick glance at Doomwar shows you just how deeply their loyalty runs. This issue they break away from their king, they oust him as an ally of Namor and allude to other secrets. His sister has no choice but to banish him from the capitol city. T’challa is now relegated to the Necropolis…the place Black Panther’s go to die.Newavengers2013#12 (6)

The Queen- Hickman’s depiction of Shuri hits all the right damn notes. She comes across as Regal, majestic and most of all commanding. She is what Wakanda needs on the throne right now and despite her brothers betrayal she does not try to exile him from Wakanda instead she simply forbids his entry into the city. Hopefully Hickman is aware of the bond between these siblings. Leading up to Doomwar together they forced Doom and his allies to expose themselves so they could deal with them accordingly. Shuriknows whatever it is that may have prevented T’challa from entering the fray is secret enough for him to not share in front of the Hatut Zeraze or the Dora Milaje but she trusts him nonetheless.

Wakanda- While some will lament Wakanda was once again attacked, Infinity showed something else. Wakanda is still standing! The Inhuman city of Atitlan has been destroyed, Atlantis home of Namor has also been destroyed but the great and proud Wakanda still stands, sure it needs to be rebuilt but it’s still here. Still a shining radiant city that has never been conquered! Hickman and me….what a bromance!

Hatut Zeraze- I’m not shocked one of Hunter’s men would be the first to accuse T’challa of lying. He did exile the lot of them back in the day.Newavengers2013#12 (5)

Dr. Strange- Stephen is shaken by the events of Infinity and being used by Ebony Maw. He decides to use a forbidden book of magic in hopes of serving some purpose in the coming battles. This makes perfect sense since he spent Infinity as a pawn and caused the events of the Mighty Avengers 1-3 to occur. As powerful as he is, he became the biggest liability of the Illuminati.

Black Bolt- The Inhuman king has lost the lions share of his abilities during the detonation of the Terrigen bomb. His brother suggests they keep it a secret but in light of Inhumanity and what Karnac said….this may have been Maximus’s plan all along. Create a monstrous kingdom and weaken the king in hopes of taking the throne. Dangerous bedfellows indeed!

Revelations- Black Swan this issue explains that the Infinity event was paltry compared to what is coming. She reveals that the builders while powerful were not the most powerful beings out there. The Ivory kings, the mapmakers etc, threats that dwarf the builders. She tells the Illuminati to prepare themselves because everything will die.  This was a spine tingling exchange that ties into Hickman’s earlier issues on both Avengers 2013 and New Avengers 2013. Check those early issues and you start to see the jigsaw puzzle coming into view.

Art- As always with this title, it was simply divine.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly

Infinity is done but this issue gives us the first taste of what comes next……EVERYTHING DIES! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent

New Avengers (2013) #11 Review

New Avengers (2013) #11 Review

New Avengers (2013) #11 Review


The Illuminati travel to another Earth during an incursion.

Thanos in Necropolis.

The Builders on Earth.


The Good

Cover- Hue is green this month as the Infinity books continue to ramp things up!  A planet is almost crashing into our six heroes clearly in an incursion event. I like it!

Action- Glorious battle between Proxima Midnight and Shuri was just what I’ve been waiting for. I wish it was longer, surely but it was deeply satisfying. Every time Proxima took aim with her spear my heart raced.. Wakanda and especially Black Panther fans can’t deal with any major loss after Doomwar, death of S’yan, AVX, the annulment of Storm and T’challa’s marriage etc. Hickman you cur! Like the Black eyed Peas would say “don’t phunk with my heart”.  

Story- Maximus and Lockjaw watch as the Inhuman floating city is destroyed, detonating the terrigen bomb. Elsewhere the illuminati witness another incursion event and came face to face with other world builders. Shuri and the Hatut Zeraze are forced to retreat before Proxima Midnight. Proxima has the alien forces head to the Necropolis where they hope to find the Infinity gem. At the location they discover the antimatter bombs and the Illuminati prisoners. In the Incursion world the builders free Dr. Strange of the mind control. The builders’ then state what was already obvious to save existence all earths across the multiverse should be destroyed.

Art- Mike Deodato’s art is still detailed and top notch.

Black Heroes- Black Panther/Tchalla is here front and center with the illuminati. Shuri/Black Panther also shows up to defend Wakanda from the invading alien forces alongside the Hatut Zeraze.



The Bad

I honestly think it’s time for the other shoe to drop. What is Thanos grand plan outside of finding and killing his son? Why search for the infinity gem? We’re past the half way mark and I’m still waiting for the next big reveal to carry us into the conclusion or into the next phase of things.



The Ugly

Infinity continues to be well written, well drawn and all around fun. Some may be shocked by the ending and the “amazing idea” presented there but if you’ve been reading New Avengers 2013 and Avengers 2013 it’s neither new nor amazing. This issue was still pretty strong but not for the reasons most reviewers think 4/5

stars- 4

New Avengers (2013) #10 Review

NEWAV 2013#10 (1)

 Inhuman secrets reveal the desires of Thanos.

The machinations of Maximus the Mad.

The battle for Earth continues…what an awful time for an incursion.

The Good

Story- Black Bolt summons the Illuminati to his “pocket dimension” where he is free o speak. He reveals why Thanos has come to earth to find his son a ½ inhuman. He also recaps how the inhuman race was split into factions long ago leading to intermingling with humans and other races. Now among the scattered inhuman descendants Thanos son hides completely oblivious to who he is. Black Bolt entrusts the “list” to the Illuminati while him and his brother make other plans.NEWAV 2013#10 (6)

Tension- The art does a great job of communicating the animosity between Black Panther and Namor. When Namor said that Atlantis had been completely destroyed I actually felt sorry for him despite his betrayal of T’challa at every turn. Likewise I felt dread as I thought more and more of what was to happen to Wakanda now that Namor had set the Black Order on the nation as retribution.  You have to love the intricate details of his tale. $hit is about to hit the fan!

Black Heroes- Black Panther was here and his sister Shuri makes an appearance close to the end.

Black Bolt- (Shakes head) this guy goes from bad to worse every time his people are in danger. Why he’s on the Illuminati team is beyond me. In typical Black Bolt fashion he has a plan that will endanger pretty much everyone on earth. During War of Kings he planned to bomb the shiar with a “Terrigen” bomb which will make them inhuman and end the threat. Said Bomb when it went off tore a hole in reality itself which endangered all of mainstream marvel; this guy is a scary ass extremist who crazy brother has the skills to indulge his subtle madness. Now he betrays the Illuminati by sending them on a wild goose chase while him and his brother make other plans. I expected the Inhuman king to do something crazy but didn’t see this one coming!

Incursion- Seriously? Hickman loves to lay it on thick, with all this going on a red incursion seems to occur close to the end. Talk about fighting on multiple fronts!

Cover- The Illuminati bathed in Infinity phase two red hues. Pretty neat looking though it pales to the interior art.

Ebony Maw- Still not sure what to make of this thing but it has undefined powers and managed to take control of Dr. Strange a man I place very highly on the power hierarchy in the marvel universe. This guy is scary.

Next step- Next time Thanos confronts Black Bolt and the Black Order descent on Wakanda. $hits about to get real!

The Bad

No Complaints

The Ugly            

 So far this is my favorite part of the Infinity event. Tension so thick you can cut it with a knife, gorgeous art and betrayals galore. Not reading Infinity? Silly you! 5/5


New Avengers (2013) #9 Review


newavengers2013#9 cover“CULL OBSIDIAN”

The Illuminati on the front line as the Earth is invaded.

The House of Black Bolt cracks.

Earth falls.

The Good

Cover- Thanos and his generals bathed in blue light on a black background. It’s quite foreboding and quite fitting while being evocative of Infinity #1.

Art-Mike Deodato as always delivers with his art. Strong dark lines, dominant shadows

Action- plenty of explosions and a brief fisticuff in Wakanda should wet the appetite for what will undoubtedly come next. Let’s also make note of Corvus kicking Wolverine’s ass, that’s always good for a chuckle.newavengers2013#9 01

Mystery- What the hell does Black Bolt have brewing with his brother? The last time he commissioned anything it turned out to be a Terrigen bomb which was supposed to mutate the Shiar Empire into Inhumans. I don’t know about anyone else but Black Bolt has been wonky in the head and very extreme when he knocks heads with his brother. Equally as curious is Ebony Maw and both his abilities and motivation, is he truly the weakest of the generals, what are his powers and is he truly loyal to Thanos or just to himself?

Respect- Wakanda successfully fends off Black Dwarf and his small army in this issue. It warmed my heart to see them actually victorious for a change.

Black Heroes-Storm made an appearance briefly, Shuri and T’challa kicked ass in Wakanda and the Dora Milaje also make an appearance.

Things to come- Am I the only one whose spine is tingling at the thought of Thanos throwing down with Black Bolt? Oooh lordy! EVERYBODY HAVE TIME FOR THAT!

newavengers2013#9 02Escalations- Last issue T’challa’s sister Shuri after refusing an offer of peace with Atlantis and literally decimated the nation by using the once defunct Hatut Zeraze founder by her father T’chaka and once lead by her adopted brother Hunter.  Now Namor grief stricken and realizing he possibly can’t win the war against Wakanda and Thanos’s new invaders lead by Proxima Midnight. Namor unlike Shuri bends the knee to a superior adversary in hopes of saving his people and also turns the invaders on those he wants revenge, the Black Panthers and Wakanda. This move is powerful in many ways. For one we can contrast Namor’s leadership style as a veteran to that of T’challa. Both saw the merit of peace between the nations to save their people. Shuri, brash and young had a point to prove and may have paved the way for more bloodshed by her people. The other interesting thing is I think Namor and Shuri if they ever did sit down together instead of fight (As they did in Black Panther [2009] #11) they would discover a startling mutuality.

Emotional- The other part of Namor’s panels that really struck a chord with me was purely emotional. By the time I realized what he was about to say I could reach in and grab him by the throat and kill him. All I could think of was Namor’s friendship with T’chaka, his onetime friendship with T’challa, how he betrayed T’challa to Dr. Doom (Black Panther [2009] #1 & Black Panther [2009] #2)  and set in motion the events which lead to Doomwar, then his recent destruction of Wakanda’s capital. Namor should evoke a raging inferno of emotion from continuity buffs and Black Panther purists. Watching this friendship disintegrate has been very entertaining but also very painful when you realize that Namor was once an ally of Wakanda dating back two generations.

Earth Vulnerable- With Captain America and his Avengers (2013) team off in space fending off

The Bad

Fight- I would have paid good money to see the intricate details of the fight between Black Panther/T’challa and Black Dwarf in Wakanda. I’m disappointed that a book in which T’challa is one of the stars wasted time showing what was taking place at the Jean Frey School and Wolverine being creamed (despite enjoying it). New Avengers (2013) readers are only concerned with the illuminati and their place in the war honestly.

The Ugly

Great art, great cover, top notch action and emotional to boot: Jonathan Hickman delivers….big time! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent

New Avengers (2013) #8 Review

newavengers2013#8 cover“LORDS OF CHAOS”

As casualties pile up in the ongoing war between Wakanda and Atlantis, an Illuminati member is forced to make a hard choice.

An Inhuman learns of the Illuminati’s plans.

Prelude to INFINITY: Everything falls apart.

The Good

Art- Mike Deodato is on art duty and everything is gorgeous! The scantily clad queen Medusa was every teen boy’s wet dream with her J-lo derriere, silicone like breasts and well toned and defined mid section.

Cover- This month we are treated to Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family on a pale purple background merged with Black Bolt’s brother.

Holy $hit- So um…..the living tribunal was found dead by Iron man in space along with the Watcher? Who is the living tribunal you ask? Well! The living tribunal is arguably the second most powerful being in the marvel multiverse, surpassing Galactus, Eternity, death and even infinity. WTF could kill such a being? My briefs are wet with the possibilities.  newavengers2013#8 1

Infinity begins- So at the end of this issue we have Thanos’ armada arriving on Earth and placing his generals at key locations. Wakanda, Jean Grey School, Atlantis and the Sanctum Sanctorum, It’s literally about to go down in a major way!  I’m looking very forward to the Infinity event for allot of reasons and this issue wets my whistle and tingles my spin in many ways.

Black Swan- This chick is biding her time in style. Books to read and alliances being made…what is this chick up to really?

Namor & T’challa- These two one time friends shared a powerful moment this issue, T’challa really is a big ole softie at heart as he

War- Well since Wakanda is one the sites being specifically targeted by Thanos forces Wakanda and Shuri will get time in the limelight once more. Considering Doomwar and Avengers Vs X-men cost Wakanda dearly I’m hopeful Hickman can at least make them worthy of respect once more like back in Secret Invasion.

Dora Milaje- My beautiful bald she warriors how I’ve missed thee!

The Bad

Say what- I have no idea what Black Bolt showed Medusa. Is he planning on moving his kingdom to another dimension? This may be one of those Hickman moments that you can’t “get” until the end of the arc.

Hmm- Hopefully Hickman doesn’t screw over Wakanda than it already has been in Avengers Vs X-men and Doomwar.

Action- None this issue.

The Ugly

One of the most fascinating books on the shelves teetering a fine line between superheroics and science fiction Hickman sets up a few interesting things we can understand this issue and a few things we will be scratching our heads about later.

stars- 3.5

New Avengers (2013) #7 Review


The cold war between Atlantis and Wakanda heats up.

Who is the secret member of the Illuminati that many of the members do not know about?

How does Black Bolt lie?

The Good

Cover- What a tease this month as the cover depicts Black Panther/T’challa in mortal combat with Namor his one time friend and now enemy of Wakanda number one. It’s very simple in its illustration with its bland background with the two combatants casting shadows and then a nicely cut and pasted New Avengers 2013 logo on the ground/background.NEW AVENGERS #7 (10)

Art- Beautiful art courtesy of Mike Deodato the space scenes in particular were simply stunning.

Black Hero- This issue we have quite a few faces that I’ve missed, namely the reigning queen of Wakanda Shuri. By the way you can purchase the three shuri books Here, Here and HERE in our online store. I also liked that T’challa got so much of the spotlight this issue.

 Continuity-Finally we get something about the supposed “war” between Atlantis and Wakanda! It seems like ages since Avengers Vs X-men and this being one of the fall-outs!

Characterization- Hickman nails the personalities of Shuri, T’challa, Dr. Doom and Namor really well so much so that despite being a filler issue these personalities give an otherwise shallow transitional tale some much needed weight. The great line of demarcation between these two siblings bred to rule was that T’challa was the calm man or reason, Shuri meanwhile is allot like Wolverine she loves a good fight and is more traditional minded than T’challa who is ruled by science. Offering her a peace treaty was ridiculous because she literally has a need to prove herself to her people and by her very nature she would regard a peace treaty as tantamount to blatant weakness.

NEW AVENGERS #7 (8)Practicality- Wakanda is a wounded country. In the face of Doomwar and Avengers vs X-men Wakanda no longer seems to be the preeminent superpower on the marvel globe. They do seem weak to those looking from the outside, the fabled Wakanda was almost conquered by Doom,  had their Vibranium almost completely lost, no longer have an established monarch on the throne now they have a woman and an inexperienced one at that. Then their capital is destroyed during Avengers Vs X-men. Outsiders may now think you can actually mess with them and get away with it, no doubt their trading power and the value of their dollar has also gone down. In many ways I think this fictional country is similar to America after 9/11. They have something to prove, they have to go to war IF for no other reason than to show the rest of the wold that they still are a force to be reckoned with, their is still a reason to fear us! In illustrating this Hickman has succeeded very well.

NEW AVENGERS #7 (9)Politics- Despite Doomwar passing their are still dissidents within Wakanda plotting to overthrow the royal family. Clearly the monarchy some would think should be replaced by democracy or autocracy of some kind. Many readers have often asked if Wakanda is such a paradise do they have crime and this while not explicitly stated does lead one to believe that the major problems the country is plagued with is a need for change. There is a deep seated hatred of the royal family and the monarchy and the crime stems from this discontent.

Foreboding- No one has realized just yet that Black Swan is have telepathic conversations with Terrax….what things are they plotting while they are imprisoned and when will they be revealed? What the hell is Dr. Strange up to? What the hell is Black Bolt and his crazy brother plotting behind everyone’s backs?


The Bad

Accessibility- Unfortunately you would need to know a serious bit of continuity and read quite a few back issues in order to fully understand what the cause of the war or even the history of the characters to enjoy what takes place here.

Filler- Honestly this issue was filler on so many levels, we already know the war is taking place so we really didn’t need all this posturing to bring us to a conclusion we already knew.

Shadow Physics- Hickman please for the love of god use the shadow physics technology pioneered by T’challa during Doomwar which was superior to Vibranium, no other writer has acknowledged this and god damn it if this continuity whore isn’t just dieing every year it gets pushed further under the carpet!


The Ugly

The focus on Wakanda and the Black Panther was a breath of fresh air and the characterization was spot on. Unfortunately this issue was mostly filler so this issue gets a 3.5/5

stars- 3.5

New Avengers (2013) #6 Review

New Avengers 2013 #6 (1)“BLUE”

Using the knowledge gained from the Black Swan, the Illuminati rework all their plans and cross the uncrossable line.

The first secret alliance is formed.

If an incursion is normally RED, what does a BLUE one mean?

The Good

Cover- The duo chrome colors of white and red really add to the dramatic presentation of this issue. We have Namor, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Black Panther, Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt and Beats walking away from an exploding planet. I love the simplicity!

Art- Steve Epting’s art is on point on every single panel. The colors and expressions of Black Swan are deliciously and subtle.

Villain- There’s something about the Black Swan that I really dig. Hickman clearly has major plans for her and there are layers to her character that I find intriguing. At the end where she communicates telepathically with the captured Terrax has so many possibilities.

Threat- One thing I’m greatly enjoying on the book is how many threats he can squeeze of these incursion events.  So we have a red incursion in which two earths smash into each other destroying both universes. During a red if you can destroy the other planet you destroy their universe and save your own, temporarily. Then we have the blue incursions where Map makers a race which suck all life from a planet smash a shard of an already consumed world into one they want to harvest then use the shards of the dying world as a homing beacon to teleport in unseen and suck the new world dry. Oh and now Dr. Doom is aware of the incursions and has the homing beacon for the map makers. Doom’s has a sordid history with this batch, him and Namor allied at one point and almost killed Black Panther ( See Black Panther [2009] #2 for details) he then captured and manhandled his former wife Storm and let’s not forget Doomwar. He has also had run ins with Dr Strange and was a candidate for sorcerer supreme, his long history as nemesis of Mr Fantastic also. The things that happen here are clearly tips of the iceberg.

Black Hero- So Black Panther is present and he fires the weapon which destroys the other world…..so yeah.

The Bad

The moral question of does the ends justify the means in destroying another planet to save our own when said planet is as much a victim as our own was glossed over way too fast for me. Reed Richards seems more gullible than one would expect after her illustrious heroic career.

The Ugly

I would have preferred a bit more of a spotlight on the team as opposed to the Black Swan but considering she’s a member of this team and the only true unknown I guess Hickman really is fleshing her out for our own good. Overall I really enjoyed this issue and I give it a 3/5

stars- 3


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