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Shadowman (2012) #3 Review

Shadowman #3

Shadowman #3

Shadowman’s first clash with the minions of Master Darque is about to cross the border between worlds and spill into the terrifying way station between our reality and the next… Welcome to the uncanny dominion known as Deadside!

Trapped in the Deadside with no hope of rescue, Jack Boniface is on the run from the otherworldly horrors that dwell there. Meanwhile, his new friends and allies are at the mercy of Mr. Twist, whose plan to restore Master Darque is very nearly complete. But Jack is about to find help from some very strange and very unexpected sources… Could a light from Jack’s past could still be shining in the depths of the Deadside’s darkness?



Mr. Twist is destroying Dox’s mansion as he tries to kill Jack Boniface. Lucky for Jack, Alyssa manages to take him to the dark side while Doz stays behind to give them time to escape.

In dead side Jack and Alyssa are separated. Jack is taken to face an echo of his father as shadowman who gives him a choice of remaining free of the Shadow Loa and returning home to a normal life, resulting In Alyssa’s certain death. Jack chooses to embrace his destiny as Shadowman to save Alyssa.

Back in the real world Mr. Twist informs master Darque that Dox may hold the key in opening a door from earth to Dead side setting him free to destroy the world.

The Good

Cover- Alyssa and Jack take center stage on this one ladies and gents while Mr. Twist, the denizens of dark Side are relegated to background status. The Colors by Brian Reber are near perfect on Alyssa’s milk chocolate skin tone.

Shadowman Legacy- I’m very interested in seeing more of the other Shadowmen before Jack and Josiah. There is so much potential for the stories that could be told there it’s not funny.Shadowman#3 (7)

Fan Service- Deadside making a huge comeback is a huge nod to those who played, owned or know of the acclaim era of Shadowman. Mike Leroi I still remember you my brutha!

Black Heroes- This issue we have Josiah Boniface/Shadowman, Jack Boniface/Shadowman and Alyssa mistress of the cold flame. Good times ahead if this book manages to remain going for years to come, so much can be done with this band.

Tension- This issue had a pervading sense of heightened tension as Jack and Alyssa fled from Twist and then Jack raced to save Alyssa in deadside. Kudos on ramping things up Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher!

Art- For the most part Patrick Zircher’s art is visually pleasing especially in action heavy scenes and when rendering any of the Shadowmen.

The Bad

Inconsistency- The art looks good at first glance but fails to impress when placed under a microscope. Page thirteen is a prime example. Dox is pinned on an X shaped cross, his head is painstakingly detailed and colored then as you look at his chest and legs it becomes less detailed and almost blends into the background. Shadowman#3 (2)Minor nitpick considering this book is arguably one of the best looking “Indy” books outside of DC and Marvel but this lack of consistency constantly holds them back from being in the same bracket as their mainstream counterparts.

Master Darque- Sorry guys but you’ve not sold this villain just yet. Sure Mr. Twist is scary and all but it doesn’t fill me with dread thinking of his master being free from “prison” in deadside. Perhaps they should take a gander at Buffy Season 5 at how Joss made Glory a god trapped in a human prison seem like a world ending threat without us ever witnessing said power. Darque just doesn’t have the same effect, and I’m saying that having read (and own) the entire Shadowman run (Original, Acclaim) and this and having witnessed the power of the original master Darque (I wonder if his sister will show up in this new series?) New readers must be wondering what’s the big deal?   Zircher and Jordan need to sell me the threat to add tension for this eventual escape. Right now I’m not feeling it at all!

The Ugly

Still a way off from must buy status but Shadowman continues to radiate the dark places of the Valiant Universe! 3.5/5

stars- 3.5

Wolverine And The X-men #24 Review


Date Night! Kitty and Iceman! And… Storm and Wolverine?


Above the Jean Grey School Storm speaks with now ex-husband T’challa/the Black Panther as they play chess. Before the finish however T’challa tells her to stay away from Wolverine.

At the school Rachel takes the staff on a retreat while wolverine is left alone with the students and Storm.

Ororo has Wolverine cut her hair in the 80’s style Mohawk before they share a steamy kiss. In the med lab Broo wakes up and attacks Idie Okonkwo/Oya.


The Good

Cover- Not nearly as sexy as other covers Wolverine has graced with his tongue in someone’s mouth but I do like the controversy it has created and will continue to create!

Humor-First up this book has always been allot like Archie in just how hilarious it is compared to other books put out by the big two. Depending on your mood this can be good or bad. In this case the many assorted relationships or potential relationships, except Storm and Wolverine were just plain hilarious. Iceman and Kitty were genuinely awkward from their perspective and the readers. The art sold their dinner exchange perfectly! Jean Grey and Kid Omega was disturbing on a time travel level but cute and funny all at once. Abbigail and Beast likewise had their own little brood related funny moment.

The Ex Factor- Ok, before you guys freak out I should point out that Jason Aaron manages to pull off a very convincing Storm and Wolverine hookup post Avengers Vs X-men. Bear with me here! Right before T’challa proposed back in Black Panther # Storm was in fact dating Wolverine.  This was under Chris Claremont’s master hands I may add and they worked wonderfully together! Storm the epitome of control and Wolverine the out of control midget berserker. It worked, sorry if you don’t want to hear that but it did! Now on another note When T’challa came to propose, he and Wolverine (thanks to enhanced senses) knew they both had a serious thing for Storm. It also perfectly understandable for Storm to single out Wolverine for the “Rebound” hookup especially when she knows it serves the dual purpose of pissing off T’challa, getting laid and being with someone she cares about. This is a hookup rife with a big old f**k you to T’challa and honesty when you get dumped, is that not what you want to do?

Black Heroes- Idie Okonkwo/Oya and Storm/Ororo Monroe are the highlights but T’challa also makes a cameo.

Make Over- Most fans know I dig Storm’s controversial Mohawk. The Change in personality it held for her is still remembered fondly by me. This regal Queen thing she was doing during her marriage was honestly snoozeville! All hail the return of (hopefully) a more involved, central, confident and please be controversial Storm!

Art-David Lopez’s art has always been one of my favorite things about his book. This issue continues his stellar work with art that complements every single scene and exchange perfectly!


The Bad

Wolverine and Storm…again- It would have interesting to have Storm pair up with a new man or even teammates she has not swapped spit with before but has established chemistry. Gambit immediately springs to mind! He is no longer with longtime love Rogue, while Storm is now free of T’challa, they could have been royalty in the thieving world! Perhaps even her friendship with Colossus could have gone to another level……even Forge is back on the table! Alas we are back to Storm and Wolverine

Ive already talked n detail on the breakup itself and all of that applies here (CLICK HERE FOR THOSE DETAILS)


The Ugly

I honestly wanted to hate this book, but found it more entertaining than most of my buy list. Controversial on so many levels, the return of fan favorite coupling and odd pairings such as Iceman/Shadowcat and Broo/Idie Jason Aaron has once again pulled me into this wacky world of Wolverine and the X-men. 4/5

stars- 4

Uncanny X-force (2013) #1 Review

Uncanny X-force (2013) #1

Uncanny X-force (2013) #1

THE DARKEST CORNERS OF THE MUTANT UNIVERSE: EXPOSED! The X-Men: sworn to protect a world that fears and hates them. UNCANNY X-FORCE: charged to deal with situations the X-Men fear and hate! Psylocke and Storm lead a new team of outcasts and scoundrels, including fan-favorite Puck, the villainous Spiral, and the mysterious Cluster. The first adversary to strike out from the darkness? X-legend BISHOP!


In the recent past Psylocke assaults Kid Omega at the Jean Grey School, Wolverine kicks her out.

In the present Storm accompanies her to meet a contact who turns out to be Puck, formerly of Alpha Flight. He leads them to a drug ring run by Spiral. Psylocke attacks before they even get a chance to assess the situation, Storm then discovers the source of the Drug a mutant girl with mind control abilities.

In France Cluster and Fantomex swap spit.

In Los Angeles Bishop returns to the present!

The Good

Action- The artwork is most alive during action scenes which flow like a river o the ocean, bumpy certainly but guaranteed to deliver! The Psylocke vs. Spiral fight was the highlightUncanny X-force (2019) #1

Tension- Psylocke hasn’t been like this since the time that Kwannon’s mind was still coursing through her adopted body.  In light of what occurred in the last volume of X-force I can’t say I blame her. The death and rebirth of Warren Worthington, meeting her future self, making all kinds of sacrifices for the “greater good”, the debacle of serving under Cyclops before Avengers vs X-men and the disintegration of said team, the death of Fantomex (another love interest) his own rebirth and split into three separate beings (Deep breath) oh and did we mention all the baggage of being a simple telepath originally, going blind as Captain Britain, having Spiral give her camera eyes, joining the X-men, saving the X-men by sending them through the Siege Perrilus, having her mind mixed and merged with Asian assassin Kwannon, serving the hand and Mandarin, almost killing her teammates, now being an Asian, rejoining the x-men, falling in love with Warren Worthington, had the Asian assassin show up in her body to make her life hell, being almost killed by Sabretooth, being reborn by magic, losing her telepathy battling the shadowking, gaining telekinesis, dumping Warren and dying in battle with Vargas, being reborn again, joining the Exiles, witnessing the death of herself multiple times, brought back to reality now with diminished telekinesis but telepathy is back, joining the mutant kill crew X-force which leads us back to my original points. (Exhale) This chick has been to hell and back……many, many times! To say she’s at the breaking point is the understatement of the last fifty years! Her aggression is justified and expected given everything I’ve just said.   Uncanny X-force (2017) #1

Continuity- I love me a book that references tales that came before! This issue references the marriage of Storm and Black Panther (Black Panther (2005) #18) it mentions her dismissal as wife during Avengers Vs X-men (Avengers Vs X-men #9) and the history of Spiral and Psylocke also gets touched on which dates back to the 80’s when she joined the team with bionic eyes and the revelation in the 90’s that Spiral was involved in her body swap after the Siege Perilous incident. Having read said stories I enjoyed this issue far more than any new reader ever will!

WTF- Ok, so Fantomex (the guy in white) was a man with three minds. After his death said brains were put in a cloning machine which was to recreate his body. The machine-made three bodies for his three brains resulting in Cluster (A female version), Fantomex (the evil sentinel version) and Jean Paul (who was in love with Psylocke) in this issue we see Custer and another version sucking face……um incest much?

Art- For the most part the art carried the story along in a consistent manner from start to finish though I personally would have used a different artist than Ron Garney, just personal taste honestly.

Humor- Can I just say in one issue Humphries has moved Puck from being a total joke in my book to being a hilarious, womanizing wolverine clone without the claws. This lil guy is about to add loads of fun to this bleak tapestry!

Cover- Love the standard cover! The arrangement of the team would make this one an excellent poster

The Bad

Practicality- Ok I can genuinely see how this team of Puck, Psylocke, Cluster and Spiral could operate outside the confines of the law. None has any ties to the Avengers or the more public versions of the X-men. Storm however is a huge liability for this assemblage! She was a queen/public figure, member of the Avengers, member of the Fantastic Four, and leader of the most public and media friendly incarnation of the X-men to date (The Xtreme sanctions initiative) and is currently headmistress of the Jean Grey School for higher learning.  Let’s not even mention her distinctive look and powers. If this book wants to be taken seriously it will need to convince me (and others) that Storm would not be the biggest liability. In this issue an unidentified aircraft helmed by Psylocke was spotted by SHEILD all it would take was one sighting of Ororo and Captain America would be on the lawns of the Jean Grey school demanding she turn over her criminal teammates and herself which poses problems for Wolverine and the school if she is expected to serve in these dual roles.

On the other hand the same problems exist for wolverine operating on every team published by marvel and the practicality of it never enters the mind so perhaps suspension of disbelief is called for in copious doses.

Cover- The alternate looks like a cheap as all get out! Someone decided to take the character sketches of the team that were circulated a over the internet before the book hit the stands, then mirror the background image and just paste said sketches all over it and say “Alternate cover”. Marvel, seriously, sometimes I wonder who comes up with these variants and who approves them!

The Ugly

I enjoyed this first issue but it’s honestly not the best book marvel currently has out. Perhaps a different artist could really add more consistency to the package thus improving the overall quality in the coming months or at least change the colorist. Overall though still pretty solid 3/5

stars- 3

Captain Universe

Captain Universe

Captain Universe

Real Name: Tamara Devoux

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Jonothan Hickman

1st appearance: Avengers (2013) #1,

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: Avengers

Legal Status: Unknown

Height:  5’8           Weight: 110 lbs

Eyes: Brown           Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: The Uni-Power is a symbiotic force theorized to have existed from the dawn of creation. Unlike the Phoenix or Goblyn force it is benevolent often assisting the universe or various individuals in times of need. The Uni-Power enhances the hosts natural abilities to varying degrees depending on what is required of them. it also typically grants Energy Blasts, Psychic-Blasts, telepathy, Matter Manipulation, Molecular Manipulation, Flight and just about any power required to accomplish it’s ends. As a limitless source of knowledge and power a wielder easily becomes one of the most powerful beings in creation.


The latest host of the Uni-Power if Tamara Devoux a woman of African descent who got pregnant for a man who wanted nothing to do with herself or her child. As a single mother she grew her child as best she could. One day while in the car a mysterious event took plac, leaving her in the hospital for ten years. The uni-power chose her as it’s newest host becuse like it she was broken and dying. (Avengers [2013] #6)

She was recruited by Captain America and Iron man into a new global Avengers task force(Avengers [2013] #1). Along with Sunspot/Roberto Dacosta, Eden Fesi/Manifold and others she went to mars to rescue captured teammates. Once there she proved to be the deciding factor in the battle as she dispatched Aleph while convincing both Ex Nihilo and Abyss to spare earth and remain on mars. She is also the only being known to understand the “New Adam” created by Ex Nihilo’s language. (Avengers [2013] #3)

Her past was revealed while meditating with Shang Chi (Avengers [2013] #6). She bore witness to the “white event” where Adam became NightMask [Avengers [2013] #7]and Starbrand was born [Avengers [2013] #8] after this she returned to a dormant state. When Thor and Hyperion schooled the new creatures born from Ex Nihilo in the savage land [Avengers [2013] #11]. Captain Universe then took Eden Fesi  to Galadoor to witness the beginning of the Infinity Even where the Builders cut a swath through the universe heading for earth to destroy it (Avengers [2013] #15 and Avengers [2013] #16).    During Infinity she was captured and later rescued by her Avenger teammates and awoken by the Ex Nihili to end the threat of the builders (Avengers [2013] #21).




Real Name: New Adam

Alias:  Adam, BlackVeil

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Jonathon Hickman

1st appearance: Avengers (2013) #2, 2013

Nationality: Martian (Born on mars)

Team Affiliations: Avengers

Legal Status: Unknown

Height:  6’2           Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Brown           Hair: none

Relatives: Ex Nihilo (Father/creator), Abyss (Mother/Creator)

Skills and abilities: He apparently has knowledge of a lost language called “Builder Machine Code” and a profound understanding of the universe and celestial based events.

Powers: Adam has advanced knowledge of the universe and universal principles only surpassed by celestial beings such as the Uni Power which is the living embodiment of the universe. He also appears to able to communicate and gather information as well as communicate with machines.


Created on Mars by Ex Nihilo and Abyss as the first of a new human race to repopulate earth after it’s destruction. He speaks a language only known to the current wielder of the Uni Power Captain Universe who serves on the Avengers team. After the defeat of his creators he was taken back to earth with the Avengers.(Avengers [2013] #3)

On Earth Iron Man/Tony Stark subjects him to a great many tests to understand his language but to no avail even with the help of the Superior Spider-Man. It is only when Universe steps in that his language is fully revealed right before he makes the ominous prediction that “the white event is upon them”. [Avengers (2013) #6]



Real Name:  Rosabelle Mendez

Alias: Subject X-24, X-24

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Marv Wolfman and Tom Grummett

1st appearance: The New Titans #73, 1991

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Teen Titans

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’9                                    Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Yellow Green                        Hair: Auburn

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Skilled fighter

Powers: Due to genetic tampering she has an enhanced metabolism allowing her to heal faster than a normal human, in addition she possesses superhuman agility, strength, speed, eye sight, reflexes and razor sharp claws on her hands and feet able to cut through metal.


Rosabella was a student at a University in New York City when she was abducted by Maxwell lord and sold to the “Wildebeest Society”. Here she was subjected to inhumane genetic tampering which made her a human/cat creature that was the only real success story for the villains after all other experiments died. As experiment twenty four “X-24” she escaped and later waged war against those that had disrupted her life.

Seeking revenge she faced Deathstroke multiple times as well as the Teen Titans whom she later joined. As a member of the team she managed to find out who was behind the initial experiment which created her and realize she was an altered human instead of an altered animal as she originally suspected.

Pantha later left the team along with Baby Wildebeest and Red Star to become reserve members of the Teen Titans as they lived in Russia. She helped the team rescue Cyborg during this time and battle Dr. Light.

During infinite crisis she was killed in battle by Superboy Prime and later attacked the Teen Titans as a black Lantern during blackest night.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1 Review




At the Daily Bugle Betty Brant discovers the identity of the new Spider-man and tries to get Jonah to publish it but he won’t. She storms out and tries to sell the story to another publisher. In her apartment she is attacked by Venom.

The Good

Cover- Miles Morales in all his glory, a pretty iconic image of the new Spider if I ever saw one.

Art- David Marquez is on art duty and returns us from the wilderness of filer ville of the last crossover.

Story- Quite engaging for a look from outside Miles Morales on his fight with his uncle in Ultimate Comics Spider-man #12 . Also looking forward to the return of Venom!

The Bad

No action, the star of the book had less panel time than a guest star.

The Ugly

A cool little side story to lead into the 2.5/5

stars- 2.5

Olivia Lewis

Olivia Lewis- Menageri/Slingshot

Olivia Lewis- Menagerie/Slingshot

Alias: Livvie, Slingshot, Menagerie

Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: Jay Faerber and Mahmud A. Asrar

1st appearance: Dynamo 5 #1, 2007

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Dynamo 5

Legal Status: Unknown

Height:  5’7           Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Brown           Hair: Black

Relatives: Captain Dynamo (Biological Father, Deceased), Hector Chang/Visionary (1/2 brother), Scatterbrain/Gage Reinhart (1/2 Brother), Scrap/Bridget Flynn (1/2 Sister), Myriad/Spencer Bridges (1/2 Brother)

Skills and abilities: Innate Leader.

Powers: Originally she had the superhuman ability  to fly. Now she has the power to shapeshift thus altering her shape, size, color, texture in order to mimic animals.


Olivia Lewis is the biological daughter of Captain Dynamo and an African American married woman. Livvie as she was called excelled in school as the daughter of a high priced Washington DC lawyer. She got into Georgetown University where even as a junior she was already involved in a dozen volunteer organizations. She also had a boyfriend named Derek. After Captain Dynamo died his wife Maddie Warner sought her out to be a part of a team of superheroes to take over her father’s legacy. Here she met her four half siblings. They were then exposed to the same radiation which gave Captain Dynamo his powers some forty years before. This unlocked her ability to fly.

Over the next few years along with her siblings they became the protectors of the city and saved countless lives. In battle with another half sibling however Dynamo 5′s powers were stolen. Upon the disruption of the weapon however her and her five siblings had their powers switched around. Now equipped with the power of shapeshifting which belonged to her brother Spencer. Now codenamed Menagerie she continues to fight for truth an justice along side her team/family.


XS-Jenni Ognats

XS-Jenni Ognats

Real Name: Jenni Ognats

Alias: Black Flash, Jeni

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Tom McCraw and Jeff Moy.

1st appearance: Legionnaires #0, 2007

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Legion of Superheroes

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’6                        Weight: 126 lbs

Eyes: Amber                       Hair: Brown

Relatives: Barry Allen/Flash (Grandfather), Iris Allen (Grandmother), Dawn Allen/Tornado Twin (Mother), Jeven Ognats (Father), Don Allen/Tornado Twin (Uncle), Wally West/Flash (Cousin), Iris West (Cousin), Jai West (Cousin), Bart Allen/Impulse (Cousin)

Skills and abilities: Training in unarmed combat thanks to the legion of Superheroes.

Powers: As a descendant of Barry Allen/Flash she has the superhuman speed and link to the speed force as the rest of her family. This allows her to think and move at superhuman speeds; feats she’s accomplished with her speed are running on water, vibrating her molecules so fast she can phase through solid matter and even break through the time stream without the aid of the vaunted “Cosmic Treadmill”.

She also has a Legion flight ring which grants flight, communication etc.


Jenni was born into the heroic Allen bloodline home to many super heroic speedsters dating back to the golden age. Her mother was Dawn Allen one half of the tornado twins duo, children of Barry Allen/Flash. Along with her cousin Impulse/Bart Allen she grew up with her parents in the future after her family fled from the present after being pursued by “Professor Zoom”. Soon after   her mom and uncle were killed in battle, this prompted her grandmother to take Impulse back to the past leaving Jenni alone in the future with her biological dad. Unlike the other members of her family her speed powers did not manifest during childhood or pubescence instead they emerged after she was captured by the “Dominators”; an alien race bent on taking control of Earth’s superhuman population.

With her newly emerged powers she joined the Legion of Superheroes and became an asset to the team, saving them multiple times. Thanks to her powers she traversed the time stream aiding her many relatives in numerous battles.

After infinite crisis she was stranded in the time stream when her future was wiped from existence. Upon finding her way to “New Earth” she learned her true origins and remained there until Flashpoint remade time.

Avengers (2013) #2 Review

Avengers (2013) #2

Avengers (2013) #2

The greatest heroes in comics together on one unbeatable team! Now shipping twice a month, the Avengers “go large,” expanding their roster and their sphere of influence to a global and even interplanetary level. When Captain America puts out his call – who will answer? Big threats, big ideas, big idealism – these are the Avengers NOW!


In the past Tony Stark and Steve Rogers recruit Eden Fesi, Sunspot, Cannonball, Falcon, Wolverine, shang Chi, Spider Woman and Captain marvel.

On Mars Ex Nihilo explains to Thor how him and Abyss were created by Aleph and how what he plans to do to earth is mercy considering Aleph would raze the entire planet and leave it a barren dead husk.

On Earth Captain America and his freshly minted team assemble an aircraft to head to Mars. Earth meanwhile is bombarded by Origin Bombs resulting in loss of human life. Cap realizes they don’t have time to wait on the aircraft and has Manifold use his powers to bend space time to take them all to Mars.

The Good

Cover- The standard cover which connects with last issue (Avengers (2013) #1) is pretty cool, with Falcon and Sunspot getting background time to the more popular Thor and Black Widow.

AVENGERS #2  (4)Jonothan Hickman- Somebody slap me and call me sandy, my man crush meter has just hit max! Not since Joss Whedon (Buffy, Dollhouse, Angel, Cabin in the Woods, Firefly, Astonishing X-men, The Avengers [Movie]) and Grant Morrison (JLA, New X-men, Batman & Robin) have I had such a serious love for a writer. This book is enchanting in a great many ways.

New Mythology- I must say just like Ex Nihlo I have a serious fetish for creation myths so I was glued to this issue as he explained the origins of “The Builders”, Aleph, Ex Nihilo and Abyss. This tale was made for me! I can also see the possibilities for marvel’s entire

Art- If Jerome Opena continues to do what he’s doing here on this book I will be forced to rethink my top ten comic book artists list. This is simply stunning work from start to finish!

AVENGERS #2  (6)Humor- Also of note is how Hickman manages to sprinkle humor throughout this book. The scenes involving Wolverine, Falcon, Manifold, Sunspot and Cannonball in particular stood out in my mind.

Black Heroes- How is Hickman selling this book to marvel? Or even the comics industry as a whole? What happened to having a single token black member of a team? Or let’s be more “progressive” and have two! Hickman upends the tea table (Do you get the Nintendo reference there?) and throws Sunspot, Eden Fesi/Manifold, Falcon and Captain Universe! I still can’t get over how much black is in this book, honestly! Kudos Mr. Hickman, Dwayne McDuffie would be proud.

AVENGERS #2  (3)Recap pages- These Marvel Now recap pages fill my mind with images of those fold out recap and character biographies of 1997-1998 right around when Scott Lobell (Current writer of Teen Titans in DC’s New 52) departed from the X-men line (and marvel). The second page is my favorite though; we see this global Avengers team represented by symbols surrounding the stylized Avengers “A”. Active members are represented in blue while those taken off the battlefield in this case captured represented in red. This simple way of bringing the reader up to speed makes this a very accessible tale with the added bonus of telling us which members will be getting the limelight in each issue.

Villains- I’m enamored by Ex Nihilo, Abyss and Aleph. Here are three beings cast as villains based solely on perspective. Aleph is a machine ruled by logic and thus would destroy earth simply because of the threat level to the rest of the universe. I get that! Earth survived multiple attacks by Galactus, spawned multiple Phoenix hosts and survived destruction, defeated a skrull invasion, a Phalanx Invasion, a kree invasion and a many other great things. As a race that has not reached the pinnacle of their evolution or even their technological advancements those are truly terrifying feats from a multiple galaxy perspective. Meanwhile Ex Nihilo and Abyss are trying to save the people of the planet by forcefully evolving them. Both lead to the destruction of earth but one leads to something far greater for the race found there. I can see and understand their perspective which makes them the most fleshed out villains of Marvel Now bar none! Hannibal Tabu (from must love these guys.

The Bad

I loved every panel, every frame and every detail! GOD! This is how comics should always be!

One nitpick is there was no action in this issue

The Ugly

Beautifully realized Villains, gorgeous art! A world ending threat and more black Heroes than you can shake a stick at! 4.5/5

stars- 4.5


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