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Fearless Defenders #7 Review

fearlessdefenders#7 1I know. You’re still upset about issue 6. But stick with us for a status quo change so big we can’t actually show you anything!

Do not judge anyone’s safety by this cover.


The Good

Art- Stephanie Hans art was lovely from start to finish despite the tedious and underwhelming tale.

Cover- Decent but nothing special on this one

Twist- It will be interesting to see how the writer plans to use this body swap in upcoming stories.

Black Hero- Misty makes a dramatic entrance on the last two pages as Annabelle is “brought back to life”.


The Bad

Still waiting- So this book is supposed to be about Valkyrie and Misty but Misty is nothing but scenery. Am I the only one tired of that happening? I mean Uncanny X-force was posited as being focused on Storm and Psylocke but has turned into “Psylocke’s highly dysfunctional sex life” with occasional scenery courtesy of Storm. I’m sick to tears of this $hit!



The Ugly

I was underwhelmed from start to finish. The meaningful death last issue gets undone immediately after which is a simple excuse to stick the gay Annabel into the Bi-Sexual Valkyrie’s body. Sure the art was good but, meh! 2.5

stars- 2.5

Fearless Defenders #6 Review

fearlessdefenders6 5

 Still guest staring most of the heroines in the Marvel Universe.

Someone dies… Stock up on tissues.

The Good

Cover- This month we get Misty front and center flanked by Black Cat and Black Widow while the hordes of the undead are behind, around and above them. The single light source comes from a lamp held by Misty which cast a yellow and orange hue on the entire scene.  It looks mighty fine!

Action- Glorious! This is action done right! Just check out the preview pages this is just wonderfully rendered and choreographed!

Retcon- Some retcons work and others don’t, as a casual Valkyrie fan this new spin on the character actually gives her more appeal from my standpoint without detracting from her original origin. But as I said that’s from a casual Valkyrie fan’s perspective.

Art- The action scenes are rendered very, very well!

Death- Last issue I wrote “why was Annabell there” but this issue her involvement from Fearless Defenders comes full circle. This was her purpose, to bring Valkyrie back from the darkness and serve as the inspiration for a new defenders team made up of women. I also found it touching as she plead with the crazed Valkyrie, I didn’t expect to be caught up in the emotional moment as I realized she was at death’s door but I was and for this I can’t help but tip my hat to Cullen Bunn.

Black Heroes- Misty was here and so was Storm!

Things to come- I like that our villain Caroline Le Fay escaped especially when she plans to create a modern day team of doom maidens consisting of Mystique, Lady Deathstrike, Titania, Enchantress, Shriek, Anaconda etc.  Why am I getting a tingle in my spine from that? No idea but I’m digging the prominence of women in this book in both the role of heroes and villains.

The Bad

Art- As strong as the action scenes were the calmer scenes were less organized and fell flat. When Val returns to normal she looks lifeless and just plain weird.

Hmm- This issue wants us to believe that Elektra, She Hulk, Storm, Black Cat, Hippolyta, Spider-woman, Coleen Wing, Captain Marvel, Thundra, Tigra, Tarantula, Black Widow and Dani Moonstar could not take down Valkyrie? That seems a bit much even if I’m suspending my disbelief!

The Ugly

This issue was a femme Fatale battle royal which managed to still pack an emotional punch and set up future threats and mysteries on the down side the art was inconsistent and the gathered women were not fully utilized 4/5

stars- 4


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