Captain Universe (Character)

Captain Universe
Captain Universe

Real Name: Tamara Devoux

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Jonothan Hickman

1st appearance: Avengers (2013) #1,

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: Avengers

Legal Status: Unknown

Height:  5’8           Weight: 110 lbs

Eyes: Brown           Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: The Uni-Power is a symbiotic force theorized to have existed from the dawn of creation. Unlike the Phoenix or Goblyn force it is benevolent often assisting the universe or various individuals in times of need. The Uni-Power enhances the hosts natural abilities to varying degrees depending on what is required of them. it also typically grants Energy Blasts, Psychic-Blasts, telepathy, Matter Manipulation, Molecular Manipulation, Flight and just about any power required to accomplish it’s ends. As a limitless source of knowledge and power a wielder easily becomes one of the most powerful beings in creation.


The latest host of the Uni-Power if Tamara Devoux a woman of African descent who got pregnant for a man who wanted nothing to do with herself or her child. As a single mother she grew her child as best she could. One day while in the car a mysterious event took plac, leaving her in the hospital for ten years. The uni-power chose her as it’s newest host becuse like it she was broken and dying. (Avengers [2013] #6)

She was recruited by Captain America and Iron man into a new global Avengers task force(Avengers [2013] #1). Along with Sunspot/Roberto Dacosta, Eden Fesi/Manifold and others she went to mars to rescue captured teammates. Once there she proved to be the deciding factor in the battle as she dispatched Aleph while convincing both Ex Nihilo and Abyss to spare earth and remain on mars. She is also the only being known to understand the “New Adam” created by Ex Nihilo’s language. (Avengers [2013] #3)

Her past was revealed while meditating with Shang Chi (Avengers [2013] #6). She bore witness to the “white event” where Adam became NightMask [Avengers [2013] #7]and Starbrand was born [Avengers [2013] #8] after this she returned to a dormant state. When Thor and Hyperion schooled the new creatures born from Ex Nihilo in the savage land [Avengers [2013] #11]. Captain Universe then took Eden Fesi  to Galadoor to witness the beginning of the Infinity Even where the Builders cut a swath through the universe heading for earth to destroy it (Avengers [2013] #15 and Avengers [2013] #16).    During Infinity she was captured and later rescued by her Avenger teammates and awoken by the Ex Nihili to end the threat of the builders (Avengers [2013] #21).


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