Ashake (Character)

ashake from egypt

Publisher: Marvel comics

Created by:  Chris Claremont, Steve Leialoha

1st appearance: New Mutants #32 (October, 1985)

Nationality: Egyptian

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height:  5’11             Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Blue                  Hair: White

Relatives: Descendants Storm’s Kenyan maternal grandmother, N’dare Munroe, Colonel Shetani,

Storm/Ororo Munroe, Panther/T’chaka , Azari, Becka Munroe , Sh’ri, Torrent, Sky Panther

Skills and abilities: Exceptionally gifted magic user with knowledge straight from the gods.

ashake bone sword
Sword of Bone/Bone Sword

Powers: The most powerful sorceress of her time, trained by the gods themselves in the use of magic. She has shown the power of invisibility, shield generation, premonition, precognition with her self made tarot cards, Illusion casting, flight, telepathy, summoning, flight, time travel, she could sense other magic users and their potential.

Also noteworthy is her very pure soul allowing her to wield the Sword of Bone one of the cornerstone’s of creation itself. The sword further enhanced all of her abilities exponentially.

Asahake is also the Sorceress supreme of her time making her the strongest magic user of her time.


Ashake is the first woman with Blue eyes and white hair in the bloodline of the X-men’s Storm, she is Storm’s earliest known ancestor.

Original Debut

She first appeared when Magik and Mirage of the New Mutants where tumbling through time as a result of Magik’s teleportational powers. She rescued them from the time stream by pulling them into ancient Cairo Egypt during the age of the Pharaoh’s. She gave the young mutants sanctuary and revealed that she was Storm’s ancestor. After a good night’s rest she sent them back to their proper time with her powers. (New Mutants #32)

Marvel’s Mystic Arcana

Her modern day debut retelling shows her again saving Magik and Mirage from the time stream and giving them refuge and revealing that she was the creator of the “Tarot card” method of divination the future. They then went on an adventure against the evil sorcerer Heka Nut who defeated them and took Asahake’s soul hostage in hopes of gaining the sword of bone (one of the Cornerstones of Creation created by the Elder Gods). Magik managed to get the sword but it could only be wielded by one who is pure of heart. Once her soul was freed Ashake defeated Heka Nut and sealed his power in a magical urn leaving him to wander aimlessly for the rest of his life.  (Mystic Arcana #1)

She was summoned to the present when Ian McNee was possessed by Heka Nut under the thrall of Chthon the elder god who planned to destroy creation. She managed to reason with Heka Nut who revealed it was his jealousy of her that lead to his temptation by Chthon. With the Sword of Bone she freed her friends soul and ended the threat. She remained in the present to help Ian McNee whose soul had been tainted due to the possession. (Mystic Arcana #4)


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