Colonel Shetani (Character)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by:  Tony Bedard, Roger Cruz

1st appearance: Uncanny X-Men #474 (September, 2006)

Nationality: African

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 6’2              Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Brown

Relatives: Ashake (ancestor), Unnamed mother, N’dare Munroe (Sister, deceased), David Munroe (brother in law), Storm/Ororo Munroe (Niece)

Grands: Panther/T’chaka , Azari (Grand Nephews), Becka Munroe , Sh’ri, Torrent, Sky Panther (Grand Nieces)

Skills and abilities: Skilled tactician and leader


The first child of an unnamed Kenyan queen and descendant of the Egyptian priestess Ashake. His sister N’dare would leave the kingdom and marry American photographer David Munroe. When Storm grew up and was touring Africa he attacked and tried to kill her because he didn’t want to lose his throne to her. His interference lead to Storm being reunited with her Maternal family.


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