King Soloman’s Frogs

The Frogs of Soloman

First Appearance: Black Panther #1, 1977

Created by: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby


Given to king Soloman during his reign as a gift and later buried with him in his tomb. It has fallen into many hands over the centuries and led to many disasters, inspiring tales of the lochness monster and Alladin’s lamp. It eventually wound up in the hands of Azzari the Wise who sealed it away in hopes of preventing more disasters. Again it wound up in the wrong hands, this time one of the collectors, Alfred Queely who accidentally summoned an ancient warlord who killed him. Black Panther and another collector Mr. Little who ended up on an adventure with Princess Zanda when the second frog was found. Black Panther seemingly destroyed them but they would show up a few more times to cause mayhem for the Black Panther and later his wife storm after they got married.

Powers: One frog has the power to send one through time and space from the present to the future or past, the other has the power to return one to their original place in the time stream, from the past or future to the present. Combined they can help one to traverse time itself and even alternate dimensions. They are seen as unpredictable and dangerous.

Unknown to many the frogs themselves are sentient and often traverse the time stream and observe possible outcomes like the Watcher. One of them has even been observed in dialogue with the watcher over the ramifications of Storm and T’challa being married.


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