Young Justice: 20 Black Superheroes we want to see in Season 3


Since it’s been confirmed that Warner Bros. Animation has revived the once canceled hit series Young Justice after two seasons. Since it premiered in 2010 it has only been loosely based on the comic book of the same name but was adored by critics and fans alike. In its initial run its character growth, overarching storyline, and mature content were all praised. Now we know the name of season three “Young Justice: Outsiders”. Executive produced by Sam Register, and produced by co-creators Vietti and Greg Weisman, Young Justice: Outsiders will find the teen heroes facing their greatest challenge as they fight meta-human trafficking “and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy.”

Young Justice: Outsiders is planned for 26 episodes. That’s quite a few episodes in which we want to see all or at least some of the following Black Superheroes!


  1. The Man of Steel Himself!

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove

1st appearance: Adventures of Superman #500, 1993

John Henry Irons was a brilliant scientist and inventor who after creating weapons for Lexcorp was driven by guilt and inspired by Superman to become a superhero. When Superman was presumed dead after his battle with Doomsday he assumed the mantle of “Man of Steele”. With the return of Superman, he became an unofficial member of the Superman Family and later joined the Justice League. Steel is most famous for being “the Black Superman” of the 90’s!

On Young Justice Season 3

Arguably one of the biggest black superhero debuts of the 90’s. Steel came about after the Death of Superman storyline and in young Justice they could either make the death of Superman a major story arc which leads to Steel, Eradicator etc or they can just have Steel be inspired by Superman and construct his suit, similar to how he showed up in the Superman series of the 90’s.


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  1. Vixen

    Vixen, Queen of the Animal Kingdom!

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove

1st appearance: Adventures of Superman #500, 1993


The African born Vixen carries a magical Tantu totem that augments her animal mimicking abilities. She has been a JLA and Suicide Squad member, a model and successful business woman. She enjoys mainstream popularity through appearances on the Justice League animated series. Recently it was announced that she will headline her own animated series on the CW network set in the same timeline as Arrow and Flash.

On Young Justice Season 3

With Vixen now pretty much a household name with her stint on the Justice League Unlimited series. Joining multiple incarnations of the Justice League in the comics, new life as an animated hero on two seasons online, an incarnation on Legends of tomorrow and Flash Vixen is everywhere! This bodes well too for Young Justice as they currently lack a strong black female presence with Rocket nowhere in sight. We could get a younger inexperienced Vixen on the team and everyone would be very happy!


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  1. Wally West (New 52)

    Wallace West/Kid Flash

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, and Ron Frenz

1st appearance: The Flash Annual #3, 2014


Wally is the son of Danny West, nephew to Iris West Allen and Rudolph West, and cousin to the original Kid Flash, Wally West. The two Wallys have met once and shared little in common rather than an aunt, and connection to the speed force. He is the newest host of the speed force and newest Kid Flash. In the future, he becomes the flash while in the present he has been a member of Damien Wayne’s Teen Titans but later defected to Deathstroke’s team.

On Young Justice Season 3

On Young Justice: Outsiders the new Wally would fill the niche made by the very popular re-imagining on CW’s Flash portrayed by Keiynan Lonsdale. With the comic book following suit and with Young Justice’s original Flash gone introducing this one could fill the speedster slot while adding much-needed diversity to the team.


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  1. Empress

    Empress-Anita Fite

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by Peter David and Todd Nauck

1st appearance Young Justice #16


Growing up Anita had no aspirations of being a superhero. Her grandmother tried to pass on a semblance of her culture to Anita by teaching her the skills of the Voudoun. Upon her grandmother’s untimely death her mother continued her tutelage. Her father meanwhile enlisted her in combat classes so she could better protect herself. She excelled in the art of fencing and swordsmanship from an early age surpassing even her tutors. When her father Donald Fite and his partner Ishido Maad came into conflict with the teen superheroes known as Young Justice, however, her life changed. Inspired by their quest to save the innocent she Donned a self-made costume along with her magic and fighting prowess she joined the team as Empress.

On Young Justice Season 3

On Young Justice: Outsiders Empress would be right at home. As the first black superhero to ever join the comic book team that inspired and named the series it would be awesome to have empress join the cast. With the team now missing Zatanna, Empress could fill the magic related vacuum left while still being an adept hand to hand fighter.


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  1. Amazing Man

    Markus Clay the Amazing Man

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Geoff Johns, Alex Ross, Dale Eaglesham

1st appearance: Justice Society of America Vol 3 #12 (March 2008)


Markus Clay, the third Amazing-Man, began operating in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Both the legacy of Amazing-Man and the powers were inherited to him as the grandson of Will Everett the original and cousin of Will Everett III the second. He made a big impression not only as a superhero but as a community activist; speaking of the amazing transformation everyone is capable of making towards more positive ends.

On Young Justice Season 3

On Young Justice: Outsiders Clay could be a legacy hero. Imagine a third generation superhero with a legacy that predates Superman and Batman? With his unique powers and a fresh younger design, I could easily see Markus fitting into a larger narrative about heroes before the Justice League.


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  1. Black Lightning

    Black Lightning

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden

1st appearance: Black Lightning #1, April 1977


Jefferson Michael Pierce is a teacher and Olympic medal winning decathlete, metahuman able to control and manipulate electricity. He is popularly regarded by his superhuman peers as the first black Superhero. Over the course of his career, he’s been a founding member of the outsiders, secretary of education for the United States and also had two daughters who continue his heroic legacy as Thunder and Lightning. During the new 52 reboot, he is a college teacher partnered with Blue Devil facing down street level threats with no family in sight. Alongside his daughters, he also appeared in a series of short animated cartoons that failed to really get traction or media attention.

On Young Justice Season 3

Black Lightning is on the cusp of breakout star proportions with his upcoming CW self-titled series On Young justice: Outsiders I can see him being a mentor to the team similar to Black Canary of seasons past. Think about him as a mentor to the older Static on the series and we also need to remember his hand to hand skills are nothing to scoff at either. Include one or both his daughters in the series and expect this inclusion to really electrify the series!


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  1. Batwing (Luke Fox)

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

1st appearance: Batwing #19, 2013


Born to Lucius and Tanya Fox after the two had graduated from college he was the first addition to the budding Fox Dynasty. Growing distant to his father and idolizing Batman he started tournament fighting at age sixteen while finishing his studies at MIT. He continued to moonlight as a masked crime fighter and even saved Bruce Wayne at a dinner party. After the original Batwing retired he was granted the mantle and a highly upgraded suit. Batwing has had many adventures with Batman and company, oh and he also dated Batgirl.

On Young Justice Season 3

I know many already thing the Bat folk have oversaturated the show…we had Dick as Robin and Nightwing and we also had Tim Drake/Robin in season two. It’s also already been confirmed that Spoiler will be in this season. But Luke Fox is closer to Batman Beyond than anything else. His youth, unique suit and history could make him quite the asset.


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  1. Mister Terrific

    Mr. Terrific

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake

1st appearance: Spectre (vol. 3) # 54, 1997


Michael Holt is the third smartest man in DC Comics an Olympic level athlete and a world class martial artist. Terrific became a superhero after the death of his wife and unborn child. Inspired by the golden age Terry Sloan/Mister Terrific he dedicated the rest of his life to helping those who could not help themselves. Michael has been a member of the JSA and Checkmate. During the New 52, he became a major player, especially during Future’s end. After being transported to Earth 2 he falls under the sway of Apokalips before breaking free alongside Mr. Miracle and aiding the planets heroes as they prepare for “World’s End”.

On Young Justice Season 3

I see Holt benefiting from the name recognition of being a series regular on Arrow. As such I don’t see him as anything other than a mentor to the Young Justice Squad or a new member of the Justice League.


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  1. Firestorm

    Jason Rusch, The living Atomic Flame!

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Dan Jolley and ChrisCross

1st appearance: Firestorm vol. 3#1, 2004

Jason Rusch grew up in a loving family with his mother and father until his father lost a hand at work and his mother abandoned them, this made his father angry and abusive resulting in Jason becoming timid, meek and lacking in confidence. When Ronnie Raymond was mortally wounded the firestorm matrix sought out and bonded with him. It gave him all the powers of previous Firestorms. The new matrix was unstable however and Jason had to always bond with another person to maintain or even access the firestorm powers. He used his powers as best he could to aid those around him though things didn’t always go as planned. Over time he gained and mastered powers that no previous Firestorm had ever done and in doing so found the strength to stand up to his father.

On Young Justice Season 3

Made mainstream by his regular status of Legends of Tomorrow. I would prefer to see the underappreciated and forgotten Jason Rusch version make his debut here. With his family issues and confidence grow as a hero who must merge with random people like in his self-titled series this one could be truly unique while allowing the show to tackle the effects of abuse, loss and an abusive parent.


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  1. Cyborg


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Marv Wolfman and George Pérez

1st appearance: DC Comics Presents #26, October 1980

Victor Stone was a genius level intellect with two scientist parents. An accident leads him to the heroic life of a Cyborg. As a member of the Teen Titans, he has been the heart and soul of the team. Under the new 52 origin, he was a high school football star was exposed to the energy of Apokalyps technology. His father chose to save his life using experimental technology. Cyborg is now a founding member of the Justice League, the star of his own ongoing series and set for a major appearance in the Justice League movie!

On Young Justice Season 3

More resonant with the Teen Titans clan than Young Justice but with a battle with Darkseid looming his modern origin could be worked in and he could join either the Young Justice or Justice League team. Having him find himself on the show would be pretty cool and it would make the Young Justice Squad even more formidable if they had a dude with Boom Tube technology on their side!


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  1. Thunder


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by Judd Winick and Tom Raney

1st appearance: Outsiders vol. 3 #1, August 2003


Anissa Pierce is the first daughter of Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning and his wife. She has the ability to control her density. At the age of twenty-two, she graduated from pre-med from Tulane University. She was recruited by Arsenal and Nightwing into the Outsiders; they noted “she’ good, but she has allot to learn”. She eventually started a relationship with the Amazon Grace Choi.

On Young Justice Season 3

Thunder is the most exciting prospect because like many young justice members is a legacy hero. She also has the distinction of being on arguably the coolest modern take on the Outsiders to date! With mentors like Arsenal and Nightwing, a father like Black Lightning and her rebellious nature and we have a winner. The team needs a strong female lead and Thunder fits the bill on multiple fronts. Throw her little sister in the mix and she could be an addition of Thunderous proportions!


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  1. Hardware

    Hardware, The Cog in the Corporate Machine!

Publisher: Milestone Comics

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Hardware #1, 1993

Curtis Metcalf was blessed with a prodigious intellect in the art of computing, electronics, and metallurgy. At a young age, Edwin Alva took him under his wing and Curtis’ creations single-handedly made Alva billions. Upon realizing that his father figure was corrupt and he was held in little regard, he rebelled. Creating the identity of Hardware he waged a one man war against Alva and his corrupt company. Over the course of his career, he helped Icon repair his ship, befriended Rocket and supplied technology to Static during the new 52. In battle, Hardware is quite the formidable adversary. Against the Justice League, he brandished a Red Sun laser that could have cut through Superman like a warm knife through butter!

In Young Justice season 3

When Milestone was a thing: yeah Milestone 2.0 I’m throwing you shade until you exist as more than just fiction: Hardware was one of its premier superheroes. With all of Milestone’s  big names already making an appearance on Young Justice: Icon, Rocket, and Static; we think it’s time for Hardware to make his triumphant return. I would keep his age intact but give him connections to Static or Rocket…or even make him the etch supplier for the team. I honestly don’t care how but Hardware in Young Justice season 3 needs to happen!


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  1. Virtue


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Gail Simone and Freddie E. Williams

1st appearance: The Movement #1, July 2013


Holly was born into an unnamed family with the ability to access the emotional spectrum, the same accessed by the Lantern corps of the universe. Her access to the emotional spectrum allows her to access Green energy for will power, yellow for fear, purple for compassion, Orange for greed, pink for love, blue for hope and red for rage. She has deep empathic abilities allowing her to sense the emotions of those around her. Virtue can merge with emotions to track people over vast distances, fly and levitate, manipulate the emotions of those around her, augment her physical abilities and fire them as force bolts from her hands. Holly is the leader of the Movement.

In Young Justice Season 3

Virtue is a unique one. She is a recent addition to the comic book ranks and she is not a legacy hero. She could fill the space of a “Raven” like character. Add her inability to control these powers and we have a ticking time bomb on our hands. Empathy is a power not often used in cartoons but if done right Holly could be a force to be reckoned with. Having the whole emotional spectrum at her disposal also means true control could allow her to access the white light of creation itself.


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  1. Hero Cruz

    Hero Cruz

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Karl Kesel & Steve Mattsson

1st appearance: Superboy and the Ravers #1, (September 1996)


Hero is the first child of Bill and Hera Cruz a black couple of African and Latino heritage. Before joining the Ravers he managed to steal the Achilles vest from the lair of a scavenger who had a stockpile of such items. Cruz then became a regular at the event horizon; an intergalactic rave featuring people from across the universe. Here he met Superboy and those who would become his teammates in the Ravers. After losing the Achilles Vest he found the H-Dial and realized he could use it to become a real superhero.

In Young Justice Season 3

The H-Dial as a concept is very similar to the device worn by Ben 10 except it also changes his personality and sexuality. Now on a show like Young Justice, this guy would be easily the most powerful member of the team but considering the personality shift that accompanies these transformations he could also be the “Wolverine” of the team.  His dynamic with his teammates would also constantly be changing. Now tell me that would not make good tv?!


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  1. Natasha Irons


Created by: Louise Simonson, Chris Batista, Jon Bogdanove

1st appearance: as Natasha Irons- Steel (Vol 2) #1, February 1994; as Steel- Action Comics #806, October 2003; as Starlight- 52 #21, September 2006; as Vaporlock- Infinity Inc. (Vol 2) #8, June 2008


When John Henry Irons returns to his hometown, he moves in with his family, which includes his niece Natasha, the daughter of his brother Clay. Natasha was a bright and level-headed thirteen year old who adored her Uncle John Henry and just like the rest of the family, knew his secret identity as Steel. When Natasha’s uncle fell on the Entropy Aegis of Darkseid; a set of armor made by Darkseid originally for Superman but taken by John Henry Irons; Natasha design a suit of armor which was powered by the Aegis tech, and with the help of Team Superman, travelled to Apokolips to get her uncle.

In young Justice Season 3

Natasha’s addition only makes sense if Steel is introduced because she is a legacy hero. As a younger female version of her uncle, she would be rather limited. As vapour-lock, however, things would be more interesting as she would have a unique power set to add to her interaction with the team.


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  1. JJ Thunder

    Jakeem Thunder

Created by: Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and Paul Ryan

1st appearance: Flash vol. 2 #134, February 1998


Jakeem is a Superhero with a tragic past. His father does not know of him and his mother died of cancer soon after he was born. He’s from Keystone City and came to possess the genie-powered Thunderbolt pen which once belonged to the golden age hero Johnny Thunder who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. When an evil genie came to Earth, Jakeem was instrumental in saving the planet when he was able, with Captain Marvel’s help, to merge his genie with the evil one thus ending the threat. He then became a reluctant member of the renowned Justice Society of America. Here he made friends with Fellow Black Superheroes Mr. Terrific, Amazing Man and Lightning.

In young justice season 3

Jakeem fills the legacy concept of the Young Justice team and it also would help their battle against Apokolips because his genie, which is from the fourth dimension, can bend reality to his will. He can do anything! He had a cute understudy thing going with Black lightning and even had a thing from Black Lightning’s younger daughter Thunder. Add these to the Young Justice Outsiders mix and things will get very interesting, very fast.


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  1. Mister Miracle

    Mr. Miracle

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Jack Kirby

1st appearance: Mister Miracle vol.1 #15, August 1973

Left orphaned and stranded in the ghettos of metropolis Shilo would meet the original Mr. Miracle and becomes his assistant and apprentice. When the original died he took the skills he had been taught and became a world renowned escape artist. He then became a new god by passing a test by Metron and was granted “god sight”. He is killed by Darkseid but later rises from his grave. He is then a pivotal player in stopping the dark monitor from destroying all creation. He also aided the Justice league when Alan Scott was driven insane by the star heart.

In Young Justice season 3

Let’s be honest here Shilo has quite a few things that would make his inclusion more likely. He’s a legacy hero, check! His legacy also gives him a connection to Apokolips and Darkseid, check. Since Darkseid will no doubt play a big role in the upcoming season Shilo would be a unique addition. He would a redesign and need to be younger but I can see it working better than a boom tube!


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  1. Lightning


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham

1st appearance: Justice Society of America vol. 3 #12, March 2008


Jennifer Pierce is the second daughter of the superhero Black Lightning. At first, she was thought to be the only human in her family. Her powers later activated as a teen. Since her father was the US Secretary of Education he told her she would have to finish school like her big sister Anissa before she was considered or even allowed to become a superhero. When her powers fully manifested however they were uncontrollable. This coupled with her sister falling into a coma after fighting crime before he thought she was ready prompted him to contact the JSA and who agreed to train her.

In young Justice Season 3

Jenifer like her sister is a legacy hero and like her dad, she has electrical powers. Her chemistry with her dad is a plus if they get included and it would be cool cross platform promotion since she is headed to live action on the CW too.


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  1. Orpheus

    Orpheus-Gavin King

Created by: Alex Simmons and Dwayne Turner

1st appearance: Batman: Orpheus Rising #1, 2001


Gavin was born to an ex-dancer mother and ex-soldier turned T.V sports producer. He never quite fit into the mold of “young black man”, instead of shooting hoops and roaming the streets he danced and excelled at academics. After his habits made him the target of bullies his parents enrolled him in martial arts. In a bid to fight crime and give the Black People of Gotham a symbol he became Orpheus, Gotham’s socially conscious superhero. He helped minimize drug and gun traffic in his district even though Batman considered him a “wild card”.

In Young Justice Season 3

His origin could remain largely unchanged while making him teen trying to independent of Batman try and clean up Gotham. He could have great success before losing his team/gang and Batman taking him under his wing and placing him with the team.


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  1. Val-Zod

    Val Zod

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Tom Taylor, Nicola Scott and Robson Rocha

1st appearance: Earth 2 #19, January 2014


On the alternate world of Earth 2, the Zod family came from Vathlo island where dark-skinned Kryptonians had lived for years, the same place President Superman originated. Val was an only child but when his parents tried to “speak the truth to power” they were punished for it and put to death. Lara and Jor-El then took him in and treated him as though he was his their own child. He became fast friends with fellow orphan Kara-Zor-El. When Krypton was on the brink of destruction Lara and Jor-El launched four Kryptonian ships which managed to escape the planet.

In Young Justice Season 3

Since Superboy has not been shown in any promotional material for Young Justice yet. How about we get this pacifist legacy version of the character? He could be from another dimension here to warn the team after his earth had been ravaged and consumed by Apokalips. His pacifism makes for a very different take on the Superboy mythology than we have seen on the show thus far.


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Which black superheroes do you want to see on the new season of Young Justice? Let us know in the comments.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Young Justice are now streaming on Netflix. We’ll keep you posted as news of Season 3 emerges.


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