Amazing Man 3 (Character)

Amazing Man 3-Markus Clay

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Geoff Johns, Alex Ross, Dale Eaglesham

1st appearance: Justice Society of America Vol 3 #12(March, 2008)

Real Name: Markus Clay

Team Affiliations: Justice Society of America

Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

Height: 5’11              Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Brown

Relatives: Jake Everett (great-grandfather), Lula May Everett (great-grandmother), William Everett, Jr. (uncle, deceased), William Everett/Amazing Man (grandfather, deceased), William Everett III/Amazing Man (cousin, deceased)

Skills and abilities: Natural born leader

Powers: Markus has inherited his grandfather’s metahuman ability to instantaneously adopt the physical characters of whatever element he touches.


Markus Clay, the third Amazing-Man, began operating in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Both the legacy of Amazing-Man and the powers were inherited to him as the grandson of Will Everett the original and cousin of Will Everett III the second. He made a big impression not only as a superhero but as a community activist, speaking of the amazing transformation everyone is capable of making towards more positive ends.

As an associate of Hawkman’s, he was approached by Power Girl and the Superman of Earth-22 about joining the recently rebuilt Justice Society of America. He agreed to join at a time when the team was dealing with a metahuman called Gog who was on a killing spree. He took Superman’s warnings that this Gog could have a disastrous impact on the future seriously, believing in the ability of a single person to cause vast changes. He took part in the battle against Gog along with others on the Justice Society. They then witnessed the revival of the true Gog.

As a man of faith, Amazing-Man was able to communicate with Gog when Mr. Terrific could not. He believes in the cause of changing the world for the better than Gog promised and came down on the side of those who chose to walk with Gog when the Justice Society split on the issue. However, he did not believe in executing the evil men they came across, going so far as to try holding Magog back from killing some unarmed soldiers. When it came time that Gog demanded worship from them for all he had done, it was Amazing-Man who told his teammates to stay standing. His faith in Gog had waned due to the supposed god’s increasingly suspicious actions. When the rest of the Justice Society appeared and exposed Gog’s true nature as more of a parasite than a god, Amazing-Man joined the battle to defeat him.

In the aftermath of the Gog incident, Amazing-Man chose to no longer be an active part of the Justice Society. He is considering forming his own team down in the southern United States. Markus served as mentor to Jakeem Thunder after joining the team.


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