Lightning (Character)


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by by Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham.

1st appearance: Justice Society of America vol. 3 #12, March 2008

Real Name: Jenifer Pierce

Team Affiliations: Justice Society of America (JSA)

Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

Height: 5’5              Weight: 115 lbs

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Brown

Family: Alvin Pierce (grand father, deceased), Unnamed grand Mother (deceased), Lynn (Mother), Black Lightning (Father), Thunder (sister), Joanna Pierce (Cousin)

Skills and Abilities:  Jenifer is an able combatat having been trained by her father since birth in martial arts.

Powers: Jenifer has a high level of electrokinesis. She can manipulate electricity in a variety of ways. She can fly through generating her own localized electromagnetic repulsion field and fire bolts of concentrated electricity from her hands. When using her powers she enters an energy state with solid electricity appearing as spikes all over her body.She has very little control over her powers and thus is very dangerous.


Jennifer Pierce is the second daughter of the superhero Black Lightning. At first she was thought to be the only human in her family. Her powers later activated as a teen. Since her father was the US Secretary of Education he told her she would have to finish school like her big sister Anissa before she was considered or even allowed to become a superhero. When her powers fully manifested however they were uncontrollable. This coupled with her sister falling into a coma after fighting crime before he thought she was ready prompted him to contact the JSA and who agreed to train her.

Here she made quick friends with Jakeem Thunder and found mentor-ship under Mr. Terrific. After her first mission she assumed the code name Lightning. She later saved her teammates but her body is severely injured. Her soul is held in stasis by Dr. Fate so that she wont truly died. When her body is later healed her soul is restored and she is healed.

When her father now a member of the outsiders and a fugitive, visits her sister Thunder she and her team show up to arrest him. This leads to the sisters clashing and long seated tension coming to the surface. Anissa accused her sister of being the favorite child having been allowed to be a superhero while still being in High School and her father still objected to her doing it after graduating from med school. The fight was ended by Dr.Fate and Black Lightning made a deal with Amanda Waller.


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