Luke Fox

Luke Fox/Batwing

Luke Fox/Batwing

Alias: Batwing

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

1st appearance: Batwing #19, 2013

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Batman Inc

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 210 lbs           Weight: 6’1

Eyes: Brown                        Hair: Black

Relatives: Lucius Fox (Father), Tamara Fox (Sister), Tanya Fox (Mother), Tiff Fox (Sister)

Skills and abilities: Luke is an accomplished mixed martial arts fighter and an MIT graduate.

Powers: None.

Equipment: Luke wears a full body armor covering him from head to toe. The suit is bulletproof, has limited invisibility in low light areas, has a retractable cape for gliding on air currents and has interior skin which monitors vital signs and produces medical repair capabilities eg. If the wearer breaks his arm the suit hardens around the area holding the bone in place and administering a shot of pain killers. The suit also has retractable tranquilizers in the gauntlets that can also be fired like bullets.

Luke has also been given tech based bats called Vapor bats that can release sleeping  gas. Batman has also given him his own batmobile armed with missiles, able to fly and float.


Born into the prestigious home of the brilliant Lucius Fox who has supplied Batman and the Batfamily with a variety of ground breaking technology from their inception Luke was what you would classify as the black sheep. He has been tournament fighting since age sixteen despite his father’s disapproval and while studying at MIT has had one thing on his mind for the past four years, joining Batman incorporated. Unknown to him he was apparently Batman’s first choice for the Batwing mantle which was granted to David Zavimbe.

After the death of David’s mentor Matu Ba Batman approaches Luke with a new suit and the chance to join Batman incorporated as the Gotham based Batwing. [Batwing #19]

After his recruitment Batman trained him for months before deploying him into the field with a costume/power suit to keep his identity secret and grant him more protection than a typical operative. His first assignment was in Africa where he faced off with Lady Marabunta who he defeated [Batwing #19] before disobeying Batman’s orders and shutting down the fearsome Lion Mane. Injured he returned to Gotham and his complicated personal life (Multiple Girlfriends) [Batwing #20 and Batwing #21]. While at home the Marabunta captured his father and endangered his family. Teaming up with Batman they attempted to rescue Lucius [Batwing #22].

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