Gifted: 15 Black Mutants We Want To See on TV

Fox has been making moves with the X-men brand recently. Legion on FX (From which we got Ptonomy), a string of cool movies from X-men:first class (Which gave us Darwin and Angel Salvador) to X-men: Apocalypse (Where we got a recast Storm), with X-men: Dark Phoenix on the way.

We also know that New Mutants has begin shooting…with whitewashed heroes to boot.

Now The Gifted is also slated to debut in October. The casting for Gifted is “diverse-ish” with the Asian Blink rounding out the otherwise white cast. We are hoping that if the series is successful we can get some ‘color’ added to the mix. To that end here are 15 black mutants we want to see on Fox’s The Gifted!

P.S. We don’t want them whitewashed, we want them fully melanin charged!


  1. M/Monet St. Croix

Created by: Scott Lobdell and artist Chris Bachalo

1st appearance: Uncanny X-Men #316, September 1994


Monet St. Croix, also simply known as M, is one of the more powerful new mutants of her generation with powers eerily reminiscent of Kryptionians under a yellow sun. Monet also has the distinction of coming from a family filled with mutants, from older brother black supervillain Emplate/Marius St. Croix and twin sisters Claudette and Nicole. She was involved with the now cancelled X-Factor Investigations and was a former member of Generation-X. Recently she has become a member of the all female X-men squad alongside Storm, Rachel Summers, Cecelia Reyes and Psylocke, served as the White Queen for the Hellfire club, dated Sabretooth and merged with her brother Emplate and is the Villain in the current Generation X series.

On Fox’s Gifted

Monet has a plethora of powers and luckily if she hits the silver screen none of them are particularly graphic intensive. Flight, super strength and telepathy are her primary powers with telekinesis etc being added bonus. I would skip her sisters’ convoluted involvement in her story and focus perhaps on her family tragedy and history with her brother Emplate. If their is one mutant we want on Fox’s Gifted it’s Monet St. Croix.



  1. Midnight’s Fire
Midnight’s Fire

Created by: Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley

1st appearance: The New Warriors #2 (May 1990)


Aaron is a descendant of the Dragon’s breath cult, a centuries old people who tried to master the “well of all things”, an inter-dimensional breach in Cambodia which held fantastic power. After his father married his mother and took her to America he was born with his twin sister Silhouette. His mother feared that their grandmother would sacrifice them to the well so she could gain greater power so she faked her own death and abandoned them in China Town New York. He and his sister were orphans who developed peak human physical traits and studied a variety of martial arts. During the 90’s he was both friend and foe to the New Warriors and Nightthrasher. In a more diverse Marvel Universe you would think they would have brought him back by now!

On Fox’s Gifted

This one is easy to execute but I’m unsure if as a mutant he fall under the New Warriors banner or the X-men. His powers are all physical meaning they would be easy to execute and not stretch whatever budget the show may have. His physicality means they could get some killer choreography out of his scenes. I would also love to see Aaron because ½ Asian ½ black people are gorgeous! I can already picture Charles Michael Davis from the Originals just killing this role!



  1. Shard

Created by: Scott Lobdell and John Romita, Jr.

1st appearance:  Uncanny X-Men Annual #17 (December, 1993)


Shard was the younger sister of the time travelling mutant X-man, Bishop. Shard’s power allows her to absorb ambient light particles and convert it for a variety of effects. She can fire concussive blasts, combust portals opened by Trevor Fitzroy and fire photonic energy from her hands. After her death at the hands of an Emplate Horde she was reborn as a As a Photon based life form which gave her the added ability to phase through solid objects and possess others though the latter was under developed. She also had no need to eat or sleep.

On Fox’s Gifted

Since the show is supposed to be in the same universe as the X-men films we could have Shard travel through time in a more conventional way, via Trevor Fitzroy’s portals,maintain her status as Bishop’s sister and just expand on how time has been altered through the actions of the Wolverine in X-men: Days of future past. Her powers are flashy and she does have a striking visual, green eyes and blonde hair but imagine an Aboriginal actor in full costume pulling that off?! I could Scream at the possibilities!



  1. Fatale

Created by:  Scott Lobdell and Brandon Peterson (Pamela Greenwood); John Francis Moore and Jeff Matsuda (Fatale)

1st appearance: Uncanny X-Men #299, 1993


Fatale was a mutant who became one of Europe’s most noted assassins. In America she was employed by Dark Beats who used her to gather information on the X-men, particularly Bishop. When her master got into information he needed to infiltrate the team she faked her death and escaped. When Dark Beast became interested in Havok brother to the X-men’s Cyclops she joined with the Tatsuo clan to secure him. Here she ran into Storm’s long time friend Yukio and she fled.

She then joined Onslaught’s army along with Dark Beast and was captured and jailed. They were later freed by Havok who recruited them into his rendition of the “Brotherhood”.

On Fox’s Gifted

I can see Fatale as a mutant assassin for hire dazzling us on the silver screen in a similar way to Mystique from the film franchise. To stretch the series connection to the movies we can have her idolize or even be trained by Mystique since they are already so similar.



  1. Jesse Bedlam
Jesse Bedlam

Created by: John Francis Moore and Jim Cheung

1st appearance: Factor X #1 (Age of Apocalypse, 1995), X-Force vol. 1 #82
(Mainstream marvel comics, 1998)


Jesse was the second child and son born to Nina and Kyle Aaronson after Brother Christopher. At age five he became an orphan after his parents died in a mysterious accident. Placed in foster care he rebelled and was eventually sent to a mental institution.  Here his powers manifested and his life changed. He was taken in by members of the Mutant Underground support engine (MUSE). They trained him in the use of his powers, martial arts, hacking and agent protocols.  He remained here using their resources to try and locate his brother Christopher.

On Fox’s Gifted

Jesse has a checked past but would allow the X-men franchise to include the Mutant underground which would open up many potential characters and storylines. Jessie is tricky in execution because he could be similar to magneto in many ways and the show already has Polaris played by Emma Dumont. If they use his ability to disrupt all electrical frequencies then he becomes more interesting. He could fry your brain or short your car radio… that I think about it would he be a better villain or hero?



  1. Synch

Created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo

1st appearance: X-Men #36, 1995


Everett Thomas was born into the Thomas family and lived in St. Louis. He is described as Calm, Over Confident and a portrait of synchronicity [Generation X #1]. Everett always worked hard and dreamed of going to college and of majoring in political science…he wanted to reach out to people—to make a difference [Generation X #15]. Little else is know about his past before he manifested his mutant abilities. During the Phalanx Covenant he accidentally channeled the powers of the X-man Banshee, resulting in shattered glasses and traumatized citizens. The police was called in and they held him at gun point for reckless endangerment, vandalism and negligent assault.

On Fox’s Gifted

I would die to see his rainbow coloured aura but with the power to blend in with any group and make people feel comfortable he could be one sick double agent. Imagine him facing off with these untraned kids of Gifted and using their powers and abilities in ways they have not even thought about yet? I would pay to see that!



  1. Threnody

Created by:  Fabian Nicieza

1st appearance: X-Men #27, 1993


Driven almost crazy by her manifested mutant abilities she took to living on the streets during the height of the legacy virus. There she came into contact with a small band of X-men who tried to recruit her to their team. When sinister offered her a more sure way of controlling her powers she left with him. Over the next few years with her power under control she worked for sinister monitoring mutants for him. When Nate grey arrived on earth she escaped from sinister and joined the boy to ensure her freedom. In time they fell in love and adventured together. When she came face to face with Madelyn Pryor however she was seemingly killed after her power inhibitors were removed. She did not die however and for months followed Nate and Maddie while she advanced through pregnancy and finally gave birth. She then confronted Nate who had lost control of his power and said a tearful goodbye before returning for her child. Her current whereabouts are unknown as she retained her powers after M-day.

In Fox’s Gifted

They keep teasing Sinister but he has yet to make an appearance. Thenody could prove the link needed between his eventual arrival on the big screen and our tv screen. She could also provide insight into a new weaponized mutant cure and it’s effect on mutants. She could also be an ally who becomes a villain as things progress because of her addiction to death and her power to reanimate the dead.



  1. Prodigy

Created by: Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis

1st appearance: New Mutants vol.2 #4, 2003


David Alleyne is a former student of the Xavier’s school for the gifted. While a student’s he lead the reformed New Mutant squad and had a rivalry with Hellion. After being de-powered on M-Day he had all the knowledge and skills he had ever accessed, activated. Now one of the most brilliant minds on earth he sides with Cyclops during Schism. After Avengers vs. X-men he defected from the X-men and joined the Young Avengers where it was revealed he was bi-sexual.

In Fox’s Gifted

Just like many on the list David’s powers are not graphic intensive and would simply need a strong actor to pull it off or a small visual cue. David could be invaluable as a physical fighter but more so if they need to grab Intel through proximity. I can’t say there are many Bi-sexual black men on TV so David’s inclusion would hit two demographics.



  1. Astrid Bloom
Astrid Bloom

Created by:  Karl Bollers and Carlo Pagulayan

1st appearance: Emma Frost #14, 2004


Astrid was born in England and had a happy life with both parents. Her life changed when her father died and her mother remarried and gave birth to her little sister. Immediately she became the outcast, her room was converted to a baby nursery and her parents pampered and spoiled her sister while she was always in the wrong. When her powers manifested she had enough and using her powers she cruelly took control of sister and had her kill her parents. Using her powers she made a life for herself and eventually arrived in New York for college. Here she met Emma Frost a fellow telepath, Astrid saw Emma as a student, someone to mould and manipulate to her anti-human way of thinking.

When Emma realized she was being manipulated the two fought and Emma the more powerful telepath prevailed. The strain left Astrid Catatonic. She is still in the hospital to this day.

In Fox’s Gifted

As a powerful telepath with ties to Emma Frost Astrid could easily be the White Queen in a modern day take on the Hellfire Club. Astrid could be immune to all mutant hunting or tracking tech due to her link with said club and be pulling the strings and orchestrating the whole hunt without anyone realizing a mutant is behind it all.



  1. Gateway

Created by: Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri

1st appearance: Uncanny X-Men #229 (1988)


The man who would come to be known only as Gateway has a past shrouded in complete mystery. He appears to be in his 60’s or 70’s but because of his ability to travel through time and space he may well be an ageless immortal. As a member of the Aborigine people of Australia he is an elder and shaman. After being blackmailed by the Cyborg villains known as the Reavers who threatened to destroy land his people deemed sacred he agreed to work with them. Rescued by the X-men he became their ally for years, mentoring the M-Twins, rescuing Monet when she was imprisoned in the Hollow form by her brother Emplate and is also the grandfather of the X-men’s Bishop.

In Fox’s Gifted

Gateway could literally be the gateway that links the series to the movies. He could do his typical cryptic show up and leave. But he could also open portals that pull characters from the Movie franchise into the show or even show them visions of things to come, altered timelines etc. Thanks to Clever Man Aboriginal actors have gotten quite a bit of attention recently. The beautiful David Gulpili would be perfect for this role and the possibility makes me giddy as a school girl.



  1. Emplate

Created by:  Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo

1st appearance: Generation-X #1, 1994


Born into the wealthy house of St. Croix Marius was the first of three siblings and the outcast as soon of everyone laid eyes on his perfect little sister Monet. His jealously grew even further when Nicole and Claudette were born. When he hit puberty his powers manifested one day when his father and the girls were away from the house. He killed his mother by feeding on her. His father kicked him out of the house soon after without realizing he was the one who had committed the crime. He would further destroy his family when he imprisoned Monet in the Penance shell. Feeding on her for years he got his cruel revenge until she was rescued by Gateway. He was the main villain for the young mutants of Generation X, even creating a team of Hellions and terrorizing all his siblings and infecting Synch with his form of Vampirism.

In Fox’s Gifted

I would want Emplate to remain a villain but like the comics one who is sympathetic. Make his torture in the other dimension a central part of why he has to feed on other mutants. He’s a villain yes but he is also a survivor. He is traumatized by a father who ignored him, powers that leave him in agonizing and debilitating pain not of this world etc. He may be maiming and killing but he’s doing so, so he can escape the hell that is a by product of his powers.



  1. Frenzy

Created by:  Bob Layton and Keith Pollard

1st appearance: X-Factor #4, 1986


Nothing is known of her youth except she has a younger brother whose name is Gareth. She became a mercenary early on and had a brief fling with the x-man Gambit. She came to be recruited by Apocalypse into his alliance f evil and clashed with the original X-factor. They were defeated numerous times until they were abandoned by Apocalypse and the group separated. She then joined with Nightshade in the femizons but when their leader was killed they disbanded. Under Magneto however she found her true calling, fighting for mutant rights before later joining he X-men.

In Fox’s Gifted

With simple powers to illustrate background as a villain and enough not known about her that they could take her character in any direction without upsetting fans Frnzy is a win win. If they could throw in her background and connection to either Magneto or Gambit to tie her into the film franchise it would be even better.



  1. Tempo

Created by:  Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld

1st appearance: New Mutants # 86, 1990


Nothing is known of her past before she became a member of the Mutant Liberation Front and fought X-force. Despite being a member of this terrorist team she saved many lives by betraying her team and having X-force save a building full of people. During the “X-ecutioner’s song” storyline she was defeated and imprisoned along with her MLF teammates. Reignfire broke them out to form a new MLF and they tried to kill Henry Peter Gyrich. Again they fought X-force; again she tried to thwart her team’s evil plans by saving his life and was kicked out. She declined an offer to join X-force at Cable’s behest and went back to school to lead a normal life. When Legion warped time she was killed in “Age of X”.

On Fox’s Gifted

Tempo is here because I loved the effects used on the Legion series. Her powers of stopping time in a localized area means that she could have some truly cool moments on your local TV. She has never had much of a personality so the show runners could get allot of mileage out of being able to flesh her out.



  1. King Bedlam
King Bedlam

Created by:  John Francis Moore and Steve Epting

1st appearance: Factor X #1, 1995 (Age of Apocalypse)

X-force #83, 1998 (Mainstream marvel comics)


Chris was the first of two children born to a middle American family.  As his power manifested he became difficult especially when his parents spoke of sending him away to boarding school. In a testament to his cruelty even at this early stage he used his powers on his parents driving them mad and caused them to crash their car. His parents were killed in the accident but his younger brother Jessie survived. They were separated and sent to different orphanages. From this stage he decided to never allow anyone to use him for their own personal gain. When his powers came to the attention of the orphanage he was separated and recruited into a secret government operation where he was trained for a few years. He eventually rebelled and drove his handlers mad. For the next few years he maintained a low profile and gathering together a band of mutants who shared his goal of mutant supremacy.

On Fox’s Gotham

This Parricidal villain was scary when he made his debut in the 90’s and his ability to disrupt the neural pathway of his opponents and his immunity to telepathy make him a force to be reckoned with. Throw him and his brother in the show which is all about family anyway and we get a very different take on having mutant kids.  



  1. Bling

Created by: Peter Milligan and Salvador Larroca

1st appearance: X-Men, vol. 2 #171


The celebrity daughter of hip hop stars Roy “Daddy Libido” Washington and Angel “Sexy Mutha” Depres, Roxy was dancing in her parents music videos from an early age. During puberty her powers manifested and she turned her back on the music industry to enroll in the Xavier’s institute. She was assigned to Gambit’s squad where she was taught hand to hand combat and became team leader. When Mystique in the disguise of new mutant “Foxx” infiltrated the team she revealed an attraction to her. On M-day she retained her powers and went on to join the X-men in many adventures.

On Fox’s Gifted

As one of those rare Gay black superheroes we hope she transitions to TV intact. Her visual would be very different from what the previews for Gifted or even anyone else on this list have. She would be heavy on the makeup and using her powers would be CG intensive. As a still relatively young character she also does not have the baggage and expectations that many from the X-men franchise do which would allow the show runners to make her their own.



Which black superheroes do you want to see on the Gifted?

Let us know in the comments.



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