Hero Cruz (Character)

Hero Cruz
Hero Cruz


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Karl Kesel & Steve Mattsson

1st appearance: Superboy and the Ravers #1, (September 1996)

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: The Ravers

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’8       Weight: 150 lbs 

Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

Relatives: Bill Cruz (Father), Hera Cruz (Mother), Hunter Cruz (Brother)

Skills and Abilities: Skilled in the use of the magical artifact the “H-Dial”

Powers: By using the H-Dial the user can become a superhero for short periods of time by dialing the letters H-E-R-O in that order. Each time this is done the user is transformed into a different superhero version of himself with a plethora of powers, abilities, costume, personality and name. Despite seemingly unlimited power however the transformations and powers accessed are completely random.

Formerly: He had access to the Achilles vest which emitted a force field that protected him from physical assault.


 Hero is the first child of Bill and Hera Cruz a black couple of African and Latino heritage. Before joining the Ravers he managed to steal the Achilles vest from the lair of a scavenger who had a stockpile of such items. Cruz then became a regular at the event horizon; an intergalactic rave featuring people from across the universe. Here he met Superboy and those who would become his teammates in the ravers. After losing the Achilles Vest he found the H-Dial and realized he could use it to become a real superhero.

As a member of Superboy and the Ravers one of his persona’s “Titanic” shares a kiss and flirtation with teammates Sparx. She assumed this meant they would be in a relationship but Hero in his real persona confessed to her that he was Gay. This put a strain on their relationship as she saw this as ungodly and wrong despite him never having actually acted upon these impulses.

Hero then went on to help Sparx deal with her fluctuating powers and they reforged a strained yet reconciled friendship. By the time the team disbanded he began a relationship with the alien Leander and became of the Teen Titans.

He has not made an appearance in the New 52 though the H-Dial is currently featured in an ongoing series..


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