Avengers (2013) #11 Review

Avengers2013#11 (1) 


As Shang-Chi battles an ancient enemy, the Avengers hang out in Hong Kong’s swankiest casino.

Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Spider-Woman find out it doesn’t pay to gamble in the spy business.

Cannonball and Sunspot play craps with a bunch of AIM Agents. AND WIN!


The Good

Cover- This one looks damn awesome! Shang Chi front and center flanked by Sunspot, Black Widow, Cannonball, Wasp and Spider woman all in Asian inspired garb. As I said before it looks pretty damn awesome! Hickman needs to get this commissioned as a poster because it would surely sell!

Art-Mike Deodato’s art is simply divine! Seamless action scenes, smooth sexy well defined/toned bodies and that close up of Captain Marvel’s eyes was just breath taking.

Humor- Hickman as usual manages to squeeze a bit of humor into the tale by using Sunspot and Cannonball’s drunken shenanigans with the AIM soldiers and Black Widow’s proposal for information gathering and the teams reaction to it.

Team- This month’s mission was an infiltration and information and gathering one. Each member of the team some in pairs decided to go about information gathering in a different way. Cannonball and Sunspot manage to buy themselves some AIM double agents. Black Widow kills everyone much to the dismay of Spider-Woman. Captain Marvel meets Mathias at the black jack table where he cheats her out of massive winnings and reveals he’s in Hong Kong to buy, not to sell. Shang Chi meanwhile meets the mysterious Chimera and his ninjas. He proceeds to kick copious amounts of ass with his new Stark made electric powered nunchaku, oh and he learns exactly the information they were meant to. 

Black Heroes- Sunspot is our lucky bloke this issue with Captain Universe and Nightmask taking a break I guess.




The Bad

 While I did enjoy this issue it did feel like filler until the next arc began.



The Ugly

Breathtaking art, great sense of humor though this issue was filler. 3.5/5

stars- 3.5


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