Avengers (2013) #18 Review

Avengers2013#18 1 (4)“AVENGERS UNIVERSE”

Deep in space, the Avengers join the Council of Worlds as they declare war on their cosmic invaders.

The rebirth of the Skrull Empire.

The first encounter with the Builders.

The Good

Art- Leinil Francis Yu does stellar work this issue. Everything is super detailed and the action is illustrated well.

Alliance-So we get a really neat near past flashback of the remnants of the Skrull Empire and how they have united under one warlord to join with the rest of the universe to battle the builders was executed well. Seeing Gladiator lead the shiar tied back into the War of Kings storyline of yesterday. Seeing the Kree and the supreme intelligence was also a neat kick.  The Annihilation wave and even the brood are also thrown in for good measure tying in both avengers and X-men bran galaxy types in one neat bow.

The Knight- Eden Fesi is the single most important person on the AVENGERS (2013) team. His teleportation abilities have saved this team’s lives and time so often he’s really the only real critical piece of on the chess board. It’s interesting to realize that if the enemy neutralizes him it would be so much easier to take down this Avengers team.

Action- This is war and man does the art give us just that! Strong lines, incredible inks, explosions, cloaking, de-cloaking, yes yes YES! I like it!

Continuity- I loved the small exchange between Spider-woman who was captured and impersonated by the Skrull leading up to Secret Invasion and Black Widow. This small nod to past events really worked for me and enhanced the story.

Cover- This one has a foreboding and epic feel to it with the three Skrull generals decked out in armor bathed in blue light. I like it!

Black Heroes- So Sunspot and Nightmask are on the second quincruiser which is now spiraling into a black Hole. Manifold is on the other Quincruiser and Falcon…was flying around in space. Yeah the whole crew was here minus Captain Universe.

The Bad

Continuity-There was no mention of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel’s past with the brood. Even more than Spider-woman’s past with the skrulls this is central to her past. Without the torture and capture by them she would never have become binary

Another small nitpick for me, were the shiar not defeated in war of kings by the Inhuman’s and Kree thus making them a nation within the Skrull Empire? I can’t remember nor is it stated in the issue what the relation between both are now that the inhumans are back on earth.

The Ugly

Avengers (2013) #18 is sci fi meets comics on an epic almost mind blowing scale! Sure it lacks some of the sheer shock value of say Avengers vs X-men but it’s a damn near perfect issue. 4/5

stars- 4

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