Avengers (2013) #7 Review

Avengers 2013 #7
Avengers 2013 #7


The Avengers must scramble to deal with the threat of another Universal SYSTEM.

The New Adam is transformed, and his true self revealed.

And the most dangerous hero on Earth is created.


The Good

Colors– While the art was weak the colors really enhanced the whole package. The glowing neon pink is stunning in its intensity.

Dreamspace- Hickman is a man with plans within plans so it must be no coincidence that he mentions or alludes to the dreamspace being connected to just about every dimension and multiverse. Australian aborigines are always given a connection to the dreamspace/dreamtime. Gateway, Bishop’s grandfather revealed his familial connection to Bishop in the dreamspace and Eden Fesi was Gateways apprentice before Gateway’s death…….could both their powers be connected to this same dramespace  connecting the multiverse? Oooh the possibilities!

Avengers 2013 #7 (5)Black HeroesNightmask/New Adam and Captain Universe are front and center in this one; I can’t over how prominent Hickman has made both in this series. It’s their book with everyone else as supporting cast really.

Villain/New Hero- I’m thinking no matter how things turn out this new Starbrand who has the power to destroy planets simpy must fight our mighty assemblage at some point in the future and I can’t wait for it!

The White Event– Ok let me explain what I understood from this issue and what the “white event” is supposed to be. The Builders which were mentioned when this series began created and modified many planets in the Multiverse when creation was young.  They also monitored events in the Multiverse and incase creation itself was in danger they would activate a device which triggers “the white event” in the respective universe to prevent the end of that timeline. New Adam is the precursor as Nightmask and the white event activates a Justice, a Cipher, a Starbrand and sometimes a Spitfire.

The Broken Universe– I’m trying to understand how this problem is different than the other creation ending event over in New Avengers (2013). There appears to be a blue creature causing the problems in this one….are they related? Playing into the idea that the universe itself is broken comes this latest White event without any of the parameters to select it’s agents. What we get is a Starbrand wielder who’s been made to feel small his entire life. How will this unfold? No idea but Hickman has me on the edge of my seat!


The  Bad

Art- Dustin Weaver’s art isn’t as strong as what we’ve previously seen on this book

Interview- If you’re out their Jonathan Hickman I’m dying to interview you! Somebody hook me up before I die of fangasm overload XD

The Ugly

I can’t tell you how awesome this book is, run out, starve, save money but whatever you do you need this comic book in your hands, on your computer and in your life! Jonathan Hickman has literally reignited my interest in the Avengers brand promises us years of great tales as he rocks us across the galaxy and across dimensions! 4.5

stars- 4.5


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  • March 14, 2013 at 12:25 am

    Love that freaky cosmic outfit the new Adam wears


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