Avengers (2013) #12 and #13 Review

AVEN2013012 (0)Avengers (2013) #12 Review


A day in the life of the Avengers…in the Savage Land.

The boys go hunting for dinosaurs and end up catching something else entirely.

Hyperion and Captain Universe begin the godlike education of the transformed Savage Land children.


The Good

Art- The interiors were courtesy of Mike Deodata and they all look lovely!

Continuity- I loved seeing Garokk after all these years in the savage land and also loved the bonus of seeing the High Evolutionary back in the mix. It reminds me of his involvement with Thor leading to the God pack back in the 90’s.

Humor-Hawkeye and Spider-Woman added much needed humor to this issue to balance out the more serious tones surrounding Thor and Hyperion.

Bromance- There was a clear bond formed between Thor and the other dimensional Hyperion. So much in common and so much to learn from each other, I’m intrigued where Hickman will take this friendship!

Cover- Allot of details on this one with Captain Marvel getting a sweet bit of the spotlight.

Black Heroes-Our very own Deux Ex Machina aka Captain Universe is here and offers her usual cryptic speech.


The Bad

Cover- While I did like the cover it looked like a scrapped interior page that someone just decided to make into the cover at the last minute.


The Ugly

Not the most mind blowing issue Hickman and Spencer have given us yet but worthy of your money with good art, humor and characterization all around. 3/5

stars- 3


 AVEN2013013 (1)Avengers (2013) #13 Review


The High Evolutionary stakes his claim on the Children of the Sun.

Hyperion learns the true cost of the decisions he’s made at the Origin Site in the Savage Land.

The Return of techno-titan Terminus.

The Good

Art- Just like last issue everything looked on point

Action- The fight with Terminus was short but sweet.

The bond between Thor and Hyperion and their kids was neat and gave Hyperion a purpose and personality which he has been lacking since this series began.

Nostalgia- Terminus, High Evolutionary and Garokk , this 90’s fanboy enjoyed seeing all of them again even if briefly.

Black Hero- Captain Universe showed up but didn’t do anything really.

The Bad

Cover- Not feeling this one at all

The Ugly

Like last issue the art and characterization carried the bulk of the weight but in the grand scheme of this book and it’s leading up to infinity this was honesty just filler. 3/5

stars- 3

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