Avengers Vs X-men #2, #3 and #4 Review

Many have been asking where the reviews are so, Ive decided to do the reviews in capsule form so we can get up to date fast and in addition bring those who have not been following things up to speed and whether they should invest hard earned dollars in Marvel’s latest big “event”.

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Avengers Vs X-men #2

This issue has a great looking cover where Iron Man and Magneto take center stage while the other members battle in the background. Other highlights of this issue where all out action and the revelation that Storm and Black Panther have a marriage counselor (seriously we didn’t expect this?). The teased fight between Magik and Dr Strange also seemed promising until you realize it’s never actually going to happen in any detail. Wolverine tries to kill hope but gets flash fried as she flees. This leads to the “search for hope”. An average issue really, all the fights left very little time for any type of character development of any kind, though John Romita Jr’s art was excellent- 2.5/5

Black Superheroes present- Luke Cage, Black Panther and Storm.

Avengers Vs X-men #3

Awesome looking cover as Wolverine and Captain America square off in what appears to be an intense battle. Hated the alternates with Rogue vs Ms. Marvel that’s such a played out pairing I couldn’t help but roll my eyes+ it’s not even in this damn issue! This issue finds the X-men fleeing from the Avengers as they search for Hope. Our would be Phoenix avatar has used a device to scatter her signal to five distinct location and both the X-men and Avengers scatter to find her first.  Wolverine gets dropped by the Avengers literally after acting on his own and a brutal face off with Captain America. This issue is a step up from last as Wolverine and Captain America take center stage, the clash of personalities leads to friction very reminiscent of Wolverine and Cyclops all these years. This leads to wolverine going solo after Hope. 3/5 for a step in the right direction

Black Superheroes present- Luke Cage, Black Panther and Storm.

Avengers Vs X-men #4

Cool cover with Hope with Phoenix flames running from the Avengers and the X-men, the only alternate worth owning has Thor facing off with an immense Phoenix force, the rest are tacky. Hope rescues Wolverine from certain death in the arctic. She wants him to take her to the moon so she can get the phoenix before it hits earth and if things go bad he can kill her, he agrees. In Space some of the avengers try to hold off the Phoenix. Just as Hope and Wolverine land on the moon both the X-men and the Avengers do the same. Before they can fight the Phoenix arrives in its orbit as Thor crash lands on the surface.

Art was good, everything else was average- 2.5/5  

Black Superheroes present- Luke Cage, Black Panther, Storm and Sunspot.


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