New Avengers #30 Review


New York is burning, the world is ending…but the heroes on the street aren’t going down without a fight!


Luke Cage, Daredevil, Mockingbird and Ben Grim are transporting Emma Frost to prison. Luke also realizes that he misses his wife and his daughter and perhaps the risk of the heroes life if not worth losing them over. They are attacked by ant mutant maniacs. The team manages to hold onto their precious cargo and defeat the villains. Luke has finally has enough and quits the team to be with his family.

The Good

Cover– Very simple and very clean. Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil in front of an explosion.

Luke Cage grows up– Honestly Brian Michael Bendis is often credited with breathing life into Ultimate Spider-man and later the Avengers line of books. I still hate how he killed Dr. Voodoo but what he has done with Luke Cage throughout his tenor on New Avengers has been nothing short of outstanding. In the late 90’s I had lost all interest in Luke as a character. He didn’t seem to age well and was directionless. By pairing Bendis with Luke we have gotten character growth over the last decade that honestly Luke was missing his first thirty years of existence. Luke has become a leader of the highest caliber while with this team. He’s gone on to own Avengers mansion and also lead the Thunderbolts. Luke has become a father and husband, both of which have also been central to his modern incarnation. This issue marks his next logical step. After leading this team his family has constantly been put in danger. His wife realizing that this life is none to raise a child in has rightfully taken their daughter Dani and fled. Here Luke comes to the realization that his family must be his first priority, if he hopes to not be killed in action he must walk away from the very thing that has defined his character for about ten years. As he walks away from his teammates it’s a powerful metaphor for growing up and prioritizing. What’s important? What do I enjoy? Can the two be reconciled? If they can’t be, what will I sacrifice? These are questions anyone who considers themselves adults must eventually ask themselves and Bendis delivers in this issue with that singular powerful image of Luke Cage choosing his family over the life of a hero. I tip my hat to Bendis for a very solid end to Luke’s Avengers tale.

Art-Mike Deodato’s art is pretty good throughout the issue although his Emma Frost doesn’t quite strike the right note.

AVX Aftermath– In my review for Avengers vs X-men #12 I mentioned how Emma Frost had seemingly disappeared from the battlefield. Apparently I was to realize that the battle in AVX #12 occurred a way after AVX #11 (Shrugs); clearly I did not get it. This issue explains what happened to my dear Ms. Frost.

Emma Frost- I’m a huge fan of Emma Frost in all her borderline evil, scantily clad slutty glory. This issue finds her free of the Phoenix force but not remorseful in the least at she’s carted off to jail. It’s interesting that the Phoenix 5, at least Scott and Emma seem to be not even a little remorseful about their actions. I mean I wouldn’t be as I clearly point out in my Avengers vs X-men #12 Review but glad to see me and the X-men are of the same mind.

Action- We had plenty of explosions and flying fists that will definitely keep action junkies happy.

The Bad

Filler- Apart from the Luke Cage development this issue was mostly filer.

The Ugly

An emotional and touching story about Luke Cage with lots of action 3.5/5


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