Avengers vs X-men #0 Review

The battle of the ages is about to begin! Before the events of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN unfold, join Scarlet Witch & Hope as their allegiances are questioned. With all eyes on Wanda and the mutant messiah, the Marvel universe has become a powder keg on the verge of exploding!


Scarlet witch tries to take down modok on her own but can’t. Luckily the avengers arrive to help. They take her back to the mansion where Vision her robot husband tells her she’s no longer welcome there. She leaves in tears.

On Utopia Hope takes out Cyclops and heads to the city for some night time crime fighting. She finds the Serpent society; including Puff Adler and Cottonmouth; she defeats them right as the X-men arrive to check on her safety. Hope is tired of waiting she wants the Pheonix force to arrive and let the chips fall where they may.

The Good

Art-Gorgeous stuff from start to finish

Cover- Wanda and Hope, real smoking hot cover!

Creation vs Destruction-  One is the force which destroyed the mutant race the other maybe it’s salvation. What does this storyline hold for both? Guess we have to stick around to find out!

Villains- Puff Adler is a mutant? Good times! I love when the serpent society is used, sure they get defeated but I really dig them!

The Bad

Rehash- The Pheonix? Again? Supeheroes fighting each other? again?

The Ugly

Average 2.5/5


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