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Azrael Death’s Dark Knight #3 Review

If murder and suicide are sins before God, then what if you were asked to kill in the name of God and by doing so, it would ultimately kill you? To reclaim his damaged soul, to redeem the mistakes of his past and to make a difference in a Gotham City that has been torn apart by the death of The Dark Knight, Azrael must make a fateful decision – become a hero and die, serving in Heaven or reject the opportunity and live, damned to suffer in Hell.

And while large issues of life and death, morality and eternal salvation are weighed, Azrael must also confront the two parties interested in regaining the Suit of Sorrows: Talia al Ghul and Nightwing!



In the Batcave Nightwing and Azrael spar and their fight ends in a draw. Elsewhere MWL’s sister in law and her children see a man donned in MWL’s Batman costume. In the Batcave Nightwing takes him down using a “trigger” left by Dr. Hurt. Nightwing meets with Talia

MWL wakes up in his apartment Nightwing has left the suit of sorrows and both swords in his care, allowing him to operate as Azrael in the city. If anything goes wrong he will answer to him. His sister in Law visits and they shag.

Elsewhere Ras Al Ghul prepares to test him

The Good

Art-Frazer Irving’s art hits all the right notes and was utterly gorgeous from start to finish.

Emotion- That moment where MWL and his Sister in law shag was pure emotional gold, it hit all the right notes and the art delivered big time. This is easily one of my favorite sex scenes in a comic ever…and very provocative to boot!

Full Circle- I loved the reveal at the end of how the “Order of purity” are just another set of pawn for the ageless Ras Al Ghul. This ties MWL directly into the batman mythology in a huge way since Ras is one of his greatest nemeses.

Fabian Nicieza- Been a fan since he was over at marvel and he has taken these three issues to make MWL a man of many layers; Emotional, used, skilled, angry. A man seeking redemption, atonement and a man who also seeks his own death.

Cover- Not the best for the series surely but it was a nice teaser for what lay within, a battle between nightwing and Azrael with Ras Al Ghul pulling the strings.



Some may not like the art

Fans of the original Azrael may be distraught the original is still dead.


The Ugly


Azrael Deaths Dark Knight-Sales Figures

Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight

Azrael Deaths Dark Knight     #1       $2.99     DC             39,979
Azrael Deaths Dark Knight     #2       $2.99     DC             36,429
Azrael Deaths Dark Knight     #3        $2.99    DC              35,916

Sales figures are just for the debut month additional sales are not included, unless stated otherwise. Source

Superman: The Man of Steel #23 Review


‘Reign of the Supermen’ continues: It’s Iron John vs. the Metropolis Kid as the Man of Steel crosses paths with the youthful Superman, and members of the media begin picking their favorite Superman. Also, Lex Luthor II squares off against the White Rabbit. All the Superman titles now use a new, upgraded color process that employs an increased color palette.



Steel takes out some gangsters who have been tracking him and in the process uncovers a mole in the press for the white rabbit. Luthor stops the tape of what transpired from hitting the press. Steel manages to save Louis Lane from death and meets the Metropolis Kid, Superboy.  Steel then meets with both Luthor and the White Rabbit. Turns out White Rabbit is a former lover and associate who’s behind the dangerous weapons on the street. When Steel refuses to join her she uses one of his weapons to send him plummeting to the streets below.  He’s saved by Superboy but White Rabbit vanishes before they can catch her.


The Good

Cover-Awesome cover with steel in the foreground while superboy floats in the background, the primary colors red, yellow and blue as highlights, very eye catching!

Art- Jon Bogdanove is still on art duty and this issue looks better than the last. Action flowed, that sexy exchange between villain and hero was also pure gold. Rock on Bogdanove!

Dark Past- Can I just say I love Steel’s background as a weapon creator and his more than strictly business relationship/history with the villain White Rabbit.

Action- Explosions galore and a few fisticuffs too!


The Bad

False Advertising- Really Steel vs Superboy? This does not happen inside the damn book!


The Ugly

An even better issue than he last! 3.5/5


Xer0-Coltrane “Trane” Walker

Real Name: Coltrane “Trane” Walker

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Christopher Priest and ChrisCross

1st appearance: Xero #1, May 1997

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Eyes: (Coltrane) Brown       (Xero) Blue

Hair: (Coltrane) Black         (Xero)  Blonde

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Trained infiltrator, martial artist, armed and unarmed combatant.

Powers: Unspecified degree of enhanced strength, the power to phase through and see through walls.


Closer 67 died on his very first mission as a “closer” – an agent who ties up loose ends covertly, often involving espionage and assassinations for a secret United States Intelligence agency run by Frank Decker. Lucky for him he was restored to life after being injected with Bio-Organic implants which also made the very peak of human physical conditioning.

In his public identity of Coltrane “Trane” Walker, an African-American professional basketball player he gained great fame and wealth. Meanwhile he rose through the ranks of his organization and became Xero, a fourth level closer. Xero was his secret identity a blonde white man with blue eyes. Over the course of his missions he developed a conscience and later died as a result of a test organized by Decker to make Coltrane his replacement. He was revived once more but was useless to the agency because of brain damage.

Jakita Wagner

Jakita Wagner

Created by:Warren Ellis

1st appearance: Planetary #1 (1999)

Team Affiliations: Planetary

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’10              Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Brown                  Hair: Black

Relatives: Lord Blackstock (Biological father), Anaykah (Biological Mother, deceased), Mr and Mrs Wagner (Adopted parents, deceased)

Skills and Abilities:  World class martial artist, armed and unarmed combatant able to go toe to toe with Batman.

Powers: Superhuman speed, reflexes, strength, endurance and resistance to injury (On one occasion she seriously injured and defeated Wonder Woman). She also ages at a slower rate than normal.


In 1934 Jakita was born in Opak-re a highly advanced African city in which breeding with outsiders was forbidden. Her mother was Anaykah  a native there who was lovers with both her father Lord Blackstock (a metahuman) and Elijah Snow, future leader of the Planetary group. She was left for dead by the citizens of Opak-re after her birth because of their traditions. Given to Elijah Snow she was given to a German family, the Wagners  who gave her a normal life. When her metahuman abilities manifested she was taken in by Snow and trained as a field operative for the planetary group.

Jakita along with Ambrose chase have become the primary field operatives for the planetary group. When Snow disappeared she was even promoted to leader. Like both her parents she has a low threshold for boredom and as a result has a problem setting into a monogamous relationship.

On a trip to Earth Prime she fought Batman of the Justice League to a near standstill. In an alternate future she along with the rest of planetary were defeated and killed. After the New 52 her status is currently unknown.



Created by:Warren Ellis

1st appearance: Planetary #11 (2000)

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’8              Weight: 127 lbs

Eyes: Brown                  Hair: Black

Relatives: Jakita Wagner (Daughter)

Skills and Abilities:  Brilliant scientific mind.


Anaykah was an African native of the highly advanced city Opak-re. She was a high ranking scientist in her city who eventually became pregnant for Lord Blackstock (homage to Tarzan) a member of English nobility who lived in the surrounding jungle. When Elijah Snow the writer of the Planetary Guides came to her city they fell in love and shared a dalliance. Her interbreeding with Blackstock however lead to a child, Jakita Wagner. This angered the elders of her city who forbade any interbreeding with outsiders to maintain “purity of stock”. She entrusted her daughter to Snow and remained in her city as it was sealed off forever.

Romeo was approached about the Black Panther Movie!?

Remember that Rumor a while back that Romeo Miller formerly Lil Romeo was either involved or in talks to play the king of Wakandan the very first black superhero Black Panther? Turns out it was true! This just in from an interview Romeo did for the Black film website.

With Marvel possibly doing a film on the Black Panther, is that a role you can see yourself doing?

RM: I would love to. I remember that before Jumping the Broom got released, there were some producers were talking about shopping the script to some people and I was one of the people they contacted and was asked if it was something I would be interested in. You never know. I definitely want to take in and be the next big action hero. That may be something that’s cool.

So…..what do you guys think of this….revelation? Sound off below or on our facebook page!

More as it breaks!


Young Avengers #1 Review


In the wake of AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, a mysterious new group of teen super heroes appears. But who are they? Where did they come from? And what right do they have to call themselves THE YOUNG AVENGERS? Young Gun Jim Cheung and TV superstar writer Allan Heinberg (The O.C., Sex in The City, and Party of Five). This series promises to shock and surprise, so don’t miss it!!


Our tale opens with J.J. Jameson tasking Jessica Jones girlfriend of Luke Cage and Kat to find out the secret identities of the Young Avengers. Jessica because of her past as a superhero is given the lead. Outside the office Iron Man and Captain America whisk her away for a private talk. They decide they must find and shut down the young Avengers before they hurt themselves or anyone else.

That Night the teams saves a bridal party from five gun men and get bombarded by the press before making their escape. Outside the destroyed Avengers mansion they disassemble after revealing that they were brought together by Iron Lad to face Kang the conqueror, leaving Iron Lad alone. Inside the mansion he is confronted by Cap, Tony and Jessica to who he reveals that he’s really a young Kang from the future.

The Good

Cover- We have what appears to be a young Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor in dynamic eye catching color; pretty decent cover all around.

Art- Jim Cheung has been a favorite of mine ever since he was the ongoing artist on the original run of X-force. His style is very well suited to the teens he illustrates and also shines in action heavy scenes. We really could not have asked for a better artist!

Team- What we have here is a fresh take on the old Avengers founders of old. The twists are really what makes them worthwhile additions. Really have a thing for the original four.

Black Hero- Patriot is probably the only reference to the superb “Truth: Red, Black and Blue” that marvel ever uses in modern times. That alone makes him special in my eyes, add to that he’s the only black member this team has ever had up until 2012 makes me just want to stand an salute him and his Bucky referencing costume.

Chemistry- Here begins the chemistry and tension of Hawkeye and Patriot. Talk about sparks flying as they bicker like an old married couple even before she joins the team.

The Bad

Verbose- For a modern comic this issue is chock full of 90’s style exposition. So much so in fact I wouldn’t be shocked if it puts off more than a few readers.

The Ugly

Entertaining from start to finish, great art and so connected to Avengers mythology of old and new you can’t help but say: Instant Classic! 4/5

The Crush

Real Name: Dr. Pratt,

Publisher: Motown Machineworks/Image

Created by:  ?

1st appearance: The Crush, 1996

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 6’1              Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Gifted street fighter, armed and unarmed combatant.

Powers:Unspecified degree of Superhuman strength


The Crush” is about an inner-city vigilante named Dr. Pratt, who works as a psychiatrist by day. Pratt has become disgusted with the direction in which the world is headed and decides to do something about it personally. He is sought after by the police as a murderer because he kills his victims by crushing their heads. Crush’s main targets are drug dealers and violent street criminals as opposed to the super-powered villains that other heroes battle.

Superman: Man of Steel #22 Review


Beginning the ‘Reign of the Supermen,’ continued from Adventures of Superman (1939) #500. The Man of Steel returns to Metropolis to quell the latest crime wave in Suicide Slum led by a new, ruthless female crime lord, and Jeb is back in town to see Lois Lane in the wake of Clark Kent’s disappearance. Bound into the center of this issue is a double-page miniposter of Superman, printed on cover stock.



In an American ghetto Mr. Johnson is telling the local youth about the American myth of John Henry. While he does a drive by shooting occurs. He saves a few of the children but one is literally vaporized. Johnson ends up running down the car and is injured in the process. While in the hospital he reminisces about the time he met Superman, before his death. Back in the ghetto he crafts a suit of armor to atone for his past.

His building is bombed but thanks to the armor he saves not just himself but all those inside. He then tracks down the gang who killed the kid in the opening scene. Steel puts an end to them and realizes the very design which killed the kid was his own. In the process the press arrives and his image floods news channels everywhere. The Man of Steel is born!


The Good

Debut of Steel- Honesty back in the 90’s Steel was my favorite replacement for Superman. A distinctive design tied into American mythology of John Henry. Inspired by Superman all wrapped up in a new racialicious package? New 52 can tout being a sales boost but Classic Steel still trumps any and all Black Superheroes they have attempted at launching!

Art-Jon Bogdanove  is on art duty and it’s pretty weak in the heat of all the action but when Steel is on panel the art literally sings!


The Bad

As usual the black superhero makes his debut in the ghetto, more than seventeen years later this is still a very common trend.


The Ugly

A solid debut despite the ghetto stereotype 3/5


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