Wolverine and the X-men: New details

Fresh off the press comes new details of Wolverine’s X-men team post X-men schism.Our first image is a standard teaser with a few exceptions not seen in the full team reveal a few weeks back there’s a blonde woman beside Idie is a mystery…speculation runs high this is husk from generation-x, you know sister to Cannonball and former teammate to Monet st.croix. The other mystery is a lizard like kid speculated to be brood boy? and of course a mystery guy with a Mohawk speculated to be our man maggott returned!

This image needs no explanation, Wolverine in his infinite obsession has decided to name his school in honor of cyclops dead wife and his unrequited love jean grey. it’s a nice touch honestly as wolverine has clearly taken inspiration from her death….it’s impacted his psyche allot+ what better way to piss off Cyclops than this? hehe

The Headmaster

Here we have old man logan decked out in his sundays finest! one thing is for sure people it will be interesting for logan to be the leader of a very public face to the x-men. He’s always had storm and Cyclops to make the hard decisions while he just drank beer and went into berserker rages. How well will he handle reigning in his ferocity and actually show soem discipline to a team not made up of just killers?

One thing is for certain with these new images is that I’m interested to see where this goes, Storm would be a great asset to this school and considering it’s dedicated to her best friend the question remains why is she remaining with Scott? on another note we still have no idea what will  become of the other black x-men such as Gentle, Cecilia Reyes, Bling, Prodigy and Cipher? and c’mon its about time Bishop came back in some capacity!


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