Houngan Supreme-Lord of the Loa

The Houngan are empowered by and worship the

Vodu/African Gods


The Mantle of the Lord of the Loa originated sometime after slavery began in the Caribbean. Slaves brought the worship of the Vodu gods with them and all it’s trappings.  Over time their handlers mistook Vodu for the french “Vaudois” a french catholic heresy and dubbed their slaves religion “Vaudou”…Voodoo. This became almost synonymous with Vodu over time.

The First Brother Voodoo

The very first “Brother Voodoo” had his origins on the island of Haiti. Brothers Laurent and Alexandre were free men who were pirates along with Captain Tyger. Together their fought against the slave trafficker Boute-Feu. Unable to defeat Tyger while he was accompanied by his friends he captured Alexandre one night and took him to Schango a witch doctor so old it was claimed he was born in Africa. This man worshiped the Vodu god Sagabata who had allied with Elder god Chthon to make Alexandre the first Zombie, a slave who could not rebel.

Many more Zombies were made and the two pirates clashed on earth. In the land of the Loa the Council of the Vodu realized they were powerless to destroy the Zombies because of Chthon’s power. Legba master of the Loa picked Laurent from the battle and offered him his power thus making him the first mortal lord of the loa. He also gave him an ultimate spell which could be used if all else had failed.

Laurnet as the first brother voodoo went straight to the source and battled schango. The experience of the elder sorcerer was too great and Laurent was defeated and on the verge of death sued the ultimate spell Legba had given him and his being was infused with the spirit of his dead twin brother Laurent. So great was the strain that his hair was instantly stroke with a streak of white. With his new found strength he defeated his nemesis thus ending the threat.

Laurent would then pass on the teachings of Legba to his student and thus the line of Lord of the Loa/brother voodoo was born.

Houngan Supreme

Over time Legba gave his faithful subjects the “Staff of Legba” which granted them additional power. This staff was only given to those who had ascended to powers beyond that of a “Brother Voodoo”. The first we know of was Papa Legba who traveled to the god realm Bondye after a time of great drought  seeking healing magic. He unleashed Ogoun the god of war and had to get aid from the then sorcerer Supreme Makeem.Unable to stop the god they sealed the doorway to Bondye using their souls and the mantles of Houngan Supreme and Sorcerer Supreme sought out the next in line. was given this power to battle ( Chronicled in Doctor Voodoo Sorcerer Supreme #1, #2, #3,#4 and #5)

Known Brother Voodoos


Jericho Drumm

Daniel Drumm

Papa Jambo

Known Houngan Supreme

Papa Legba

Jericho Drumm



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