War Machine- James Rhodes

War Machine

War Machine

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: David Michelinie and John Byrne

1st appearance: Iron Man #118, 1979

Nationality: American

Aliases: James Rupert Rhodes , Jim Rhodes, Colonel Rhodes, Rhodey, Rhodes, Iron Man

Team Affiliations: United States Marine Corps, Stark Enterprises, Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Iron Legion, Worldwatch Incorporated, Secret Defenders, Force Works, The Crew, Office of National Emergency, Sentinel Squad O*N*E, The Initiative, Team War Machine, Secret Avengers, United States Department of Defense

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 6’2              Weight: unknown

Eyes: Brown         Hair: Black

Relatives: Unnamed Parents

Skills and abilities: soldier trained in armed and unarmed combat and an accomplished Pilot and aviation engineer.

Powers: All Jim’s powers come from his armor. He has the same abilities as Iron man but more weapons and armaments.



Rhodey was a military fighter who met Tony stark while they were in vietnam. Upon escaping, Stark hired him in his company and they became close friends. He later served as Iron man for awhile and ran Stark industries. Stark later fired him when he killed two hostage takers on TV. He kept the war machine armor and clashed with another former soldier and war machine user Parnell Jacobs over the mantle. He emerged victorious and started his own salvage company though he later went bankrupt. Before the company went belly up he had invested in Grace & Tumbalt due to their stated purpose of improving urban ethnic neighborhoods. When his sister died he realized that the company was corrupt with tie to the 66 Bridges and funding crime. To combat this he founded “The Crew”along with Kasper Cole and Josiah X.

At the end of the conflict and the start of Dark Reign he vowed to end Norman Osborn’s hold on America. He was badly injured and became a cyborg to survive while a new body was being cloned. He defeated a doomsday device known as Ultimo and manged to have his consciousness transferred to a new body. With Osborn defeated during Siege Captain America recruited him into the secret Avengers.

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