Uncanny X-men #13 Review


 Hope is on the run for her life, but can she outrun destiny?

What has Mr. Sinister been doing since UNCANNY X-MEN #3? And what has he been doing while the X-Men have been fighting the Avengers? Find out here!


The Good

Cover-Cyclops in the clutches of the great and powerful fire bird from heaven, I like it.

Story- Honestly I had to review this issue, my pet peeve with Avengers vs X-men is that Storm is in the background. Cyclops picked her as his second in command after schism, it’s the only reason she remained on Utopia. Yet she has not been nearly as influential or purposeful as she could have been. In Avengers Vs X-men #5 the Phoenix 5: Cyclops, Namor, Emma Frost, Colossus and Magik become the avatars of the Phoenix. This issue takes place just at the same time those events are unfolding on the moon. Storm, Psylocke and Magneto regroup on earth and make plans to head to the moon but never get there. On Utopia the remaining “lights” minus Oya meet with

There is also the revelation that the Phoenix appears usually when evolution has stopped on a planet. Unit also tells of a previous planet on which the Phoenix host had five “lights” which were there with her during the time she bonds with the Phoenix. This presents multiple problems for Hope she does not have her “lights” one of them is even dead.  This was a foreshadowing of the importance of the number 5. There was also the reveal that Danger has been made a slave to unit. Another problem with this revelation of the Phoenix is the already established history of the universe. Take the Kree race for one, a big part of their attempted invasion of the Earth and more stories than you can shake a stick at involved them trying to jump start their evolution. Why had no Phoenix host and five lights appeared to them? That’s the problem with these “retcons” they muck up continuity.  

Art-Billy Tan is on art duties and everything does look good. Nothing wowed me but the pencils, inks and colors did their job well.

Characterization- Storm and Magneto in particular showed great depth something lacking in the core X-men vs Avengers book. Storm and Magneto I could honestly see splitting from Cyclops when this is all over to form their own team, they do after all have history, they shared the white king mantle in the hellfire club. I hope once AVX is done Storm will return to being that hardcore chick that Chris Claremont spent years grooming and not just the token “black” member of the X-men.


The Bad

Logic- Ok, in this issue Psylocke has a seizure when the Phoenix arrives on the moon and Storm puts her sword in her mouth so she doesn’t bite her tongue. Can you say dumb move? First up the sword is sharp and metallic meaning she could have cut her tongue and mouth on the sword and break out her teeth, putting the hilt in her mouth would have made more sense.

Retcon/Revelation- This new Phoenix development begs more questions than it answers.

The Ugly

One of the better AVX stories I’ve read 3/5

stars- 3


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