Batwing #26 Review

Batwing#26 1Luke’s journey to Italy gets him deeper into the criminal underworld – unfortunately for him, that means fighting superpowered villains in a death tournament where he can’t use the Batwing armor!

The Good

Cover- Slick, simplistic and cool are the best words to describe this month’s cover. The color blue is a prominent feature as usual which purple, black and a few green hues help round out this very distinctive Batwing cover. Darwyn Cooke is on my radar!

Art- Eduardo Pancisca does his usual bang up job on the interiors. The action scenes are pure gold!

Action- Very Much on point although that has become the norm.

Characterization-Luke continues to shine as he goes undercover this issue and nails it!

Bat Bond- So Batwing….the new version is all about going to exotic locations around the world and taking down the villains that Batman hasn’t got the time to.

The Bad

Too easy- I don’t know about everyone else but I was very underwhelmed by Charlie Caligula after all the hype surrounding his take down was underwhelming on every conceivable level.

The Ugly

As a close to the opening arc of this new direction to Batwing this was terribly average 2.5

stars- 2.5


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