Tamara Fox (Character)

Tam Fox

Tam Fox

Alias: Tam Fox

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: John Francis Moor

1st appearance: Batman: Family #1 – Chapter One: Perception, 2002

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Batman Family

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 110 lbs           Weight: 5’5

Eyes: Brown                        Hair: Black

Relatives: Lucius Fox (Father), Luke Fox (Brother), Tanya Fox (Mother), Tiff Fox (Sister)

Skills and abilities: Tam is pretty resourceful and a quick thinker

Powers: None.


The daughter of the brilliant Lucius Fox who runs Wayne Enterprises she had a relatively normal life until the death of batman. Tasked by her father to track down and bring back Wayne’s son Tim Drake. After tracking him across the globe she finally locates him bloody and beaten while in his Red Robin costume. This pulls her into ever increasing danger involving the League of Assassins and the Council of Spiders a rival group. Over the course of their adventure together she developed romantic feelings for Tim and they even shared a kiss.

Upon returning to Gotham with her task complete she tried to get back into a normal life but found herself tabloid fodder as Vicki Vale claimed herself and Tim were Gotham’s newest couple. Helping Tim with a further ruse she was made his “Fiance”.

She and Tim dated briefly and she even professed to falling in love with him. After the debacle involving “Azrael” she broke up with Tim because his mission was more important than “them”.

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