Batwing #20 Review

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 This issue answers the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: Who is Batwing?

The Good

CoverLuke strikes a pose on this one while a large Marabunta foot soldier stands imposingly in the background. The contrast between the red background and Luke’s blue suit make this a very striking book on the stands.

Action- This issue is full of flying fists, shattered jaws, explosions and bullets keep this one engaging from start to finish.

Luke Fox- Luke is definitely no David Zavimbe. David was inspired to stop crime because of a tragic past Luke is a glory hound and adrenaline junkie. This leads to a leap into the fray without thinking personality which even in this first adventure proves to be his undoing. Luke also has a serious rebellious nature and problem with authority/father figures. Batman doesn’t quite realize the loose ball he’s taken up. This issue he goes off with Batman’s knowledge half cocked and gets leveled by Lion Mane.

Villains– Lion Mane his three wives: and the entire marabunta team (Lady Marabunta). All interconnected and all making for a very cool book.  The redesign of lion mane is interesting and leads to some creepy bestiality thoughts in relation to his “wives”, Lion Mane also roves too much for Batwing who’s caught off guard and left him battered and defeated.

New Tech- So apart from the kick ass new costume tech based bats called “Vapor bats” that can release sleeping gas his own “Batmobile” armed with missiles, able to fly and float, oh and a sweet looking bike as well. I like it!

Secrets- This is one of the things that makes me chuckle at the potential dram that could ensue. Batman has hired Luke as the new Batwing, Luke has no idea Bruce Wayne is Batman. Luke Fox is supplying tech to Bruce/Batman but has no idea Batman has now given said tech to his only son whose life is now in mortal danger constantly.

Art- The art by Eduardo Pansica and Julio Ferreira looks pretty good. They have a style well suited to the action heavy scenes which add to the flow of the fights. Also subtle touches like Luke’s bulging biceps and the shattered marabunta suits add copious touches to the story.

The Bad

While I did like the art it had inconsistencies here and there.

I miss David Zavimbe……….

The Ugly

Overall Batwing is still an enjoyable read with lots of action, a new protagonist ad loads of potential! 4/5

stars- 4


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