Batwing #29 Review

Batwing#29 1

 Gotham City has been invaded by an army of criminals sent from the Gotham Underground!

Batwing must defend his home and live through his first meeting with his most dangerous foe yet: Menace!


The Good

Cover– This month continues the Batwing trend of a cover predominantly of blue hues. Batwing and his costume are almost completely black except for his bring blue glowing insignia. It’s simple yet effective and really sticks out on the comic stands.

Art-Eduardo Pansicca is still on art and it appears to be one of his best illustrated issues yet.

EmotionLuke is a man out f control and out for vengeance. His life, this life he has longed for has finally resulted in tragedy. He thought he was in for a life of high-flying action, instead his sister is now brain-dead, his other sister missing and his family irrevocably emotionally shattered. Batwing#29 2The panels in which look sheds a single tear as he watches his parent’s emotional upheaval were excellently done. It was a tear jerking moment which leads straight into Luke roughing up the thug by breaking his arm and literally using too much force. It all flowed and made the book that much more enjoyable, kudos to all involved.

ActionLuke faces off with the Anubis gang before being attacked by a mutated fish creature at the end. How the hell do Palmiotti and Gray squeeze so much into every issue without making it feel rushed is truly astonishing.

Gotham Underground- I find this new playground fascinating. It literally adds depth to Gotham and opens up endless possibilities for storytelling.

Consequences The opening scenes which has Alfred and Batman lamenting Luke’s downward spiral and the tragedy which always comes with being a part of the Bat family was on point. I immediately thought of the death of Dick Grayson’s family, the death of Jason Todd, the death of Tim Drake’s father, the crippling of Barber Gordon etc. There is a great deal of danger which comes with being a crime fighter in Gotham. It’s one of the reasons why David Zavimbe was such an excellent choice; he had already lost so much. Alfred points out that if anything happens to Luke’s sisters Bruce will bear the brunt of the blame because he pulled Luke into this lifestyle.

Black HeroBatwing/ Luke Fox is here, His father Lucius also makes an appearance as does Tamara and his mom.



The Bad

No complaints



The Ugly

I’m sick and tired of telling you each and every month to buy this book. Batwing #29 is an exciting, emotional, beautifully characterized and rendered gem. BUY IT! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent


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