Batwing #23 Review

BATWING23  (1)Luke Fox’s personal life is already in turmoil, but as Batwing he must confront a dangerous new threat in the form of assassin for hire Lady Vic as she makes her first appearance in The New 52!

The Good

Cover- This month’s cover has Lady Vic holding a bade to Batwing’s throat, his suit has many details and blemishes that enhance the presentation. The luminescent blues of his eyes and emblem also add a nice touch.

Interior art- Justin gray’s art pleases me every single month especially in these action scenes which flow like water flowing down a river stream. Paul mounts colors really help the visuals to pop off the pages in a positive way.

Personal life- So Luke’s girlfriend has moved on much to his dismay but between his adventures as Batwing and his playboy lifestyle his personal life is about to go from 100 to 0 real fast. Ask old man Bruce, unless you’re shacking up with a supervillain son, expect dead girlfriends and a whole bunch of unhappy ladies.BATWING23  (3)

Family- Luke is the black sheep of his family and his heroics is causing even more problems for his already complicated life. Methinks this will be a running theme in this book.

Villain- The only time Ive ever seen or read a story about Lady Vic was back in the 90’s during a Catwoman ongoing and she was defeated very easily prompting me to be underwhelmed that she was to be Batwing’s newest villain. Low and behold though Palmiotti and Gray have envisioned her as quite a formidable foes in the new 52 world. She easily takes out Batwing while showing a fair bit of preparation for such a confrontation and skill. It also doesn’t hurt that she is introduced as a very ruthless and cold blooded killer.

Action- batman and Batwing kicking ass and taking names + as a bonus we get Batwing vs Lady Vic.

Black heroes- Brand spanking new Batwing Luke Fox ladies and gentlemen the only black character starring in his own book in all of DC Comics!

Black supporting castLucius Fox, Tam Fox, Tanya fox and Tiff Fox.

The Bad

Sales- So lets face a harsh reality about Batwing, the sales are so low it would shock no one if dc cancelled the book right now. This book needs aid from the rest of the batman line desperately, I’m not one for crossovers for the sake of crossovers especially when you consider the night of owls issue in this series but we need a boost in sales desperately (SEE SALES FIGURES HERE). I look forward to this book every month it’s literally the big black hope here is dc comics white wonderland. Here’s hoping things improve.

The Ugly

Batwing #23 had great action, art, cover a well executed villain and enough personal life drama to keep everyone happy, sure Luke is neither as skilled or as deep as David Zavimbe but his book is still one of my faves each month. 4/5

stars- 4


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0 thoughts on “Batwing #23 Review

  • August 8, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Haven’t been following the book but it looks like Batwing no longer shows any skin-so how does the world know he’s black? It does matter. It matters to DC and that’s why they did it in the first place.
    These black versions of white heroes is a terrible idea. Even the name Batwing- like he’s not even a full man or a bat he’s just a wing. He’s a chip off the old Batman. Black creators have plenty of strong original stories to tell. Perhaps mainstream comics can look them up and groom some of them for the big time.

  • August 8, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Right on point Roger!

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