Jakita Wagner (Character)

Jakita Wagner

Created by:Warren Ellis

1st appearance: Planetary #1 (1999)

Team Affiliations: Planetary

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’10              Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Brown                  Hair: Black

Relatives: Lord Blackstock (Biological father), Anaykah (Biological Mother, deceased), Mr and Mrs Wagner (Adopted parents, deceased)

Skills and Abilities:  World class martial artist, armed and unarmed combatant able to go toe to toe with Batman.

Powers: Superhuman speed, reflexes, strength, endurance and resistance to injury (On one occasion she seriously injured and defeated Wonder Woman). She also ages at a slower rate than normal.


In 1934 Jakita was born in Opak-re a highly advanced African city in which breeding with outsiders was forbidden. Her mother was Anaykah  a native there who was lovers with both her father Lord Blackstock (a metahuman) and Elijah Snow, future leader of the Planetary group. She was left for dead by the citizens of Opak-re after her birth because of their traditions. Given to Elijah Snow she was given to a German family, the Wagners  who gave her a normal life. When her metahuman abilities manifested she was taken in by Snow and trained as a field operative for the planetary group.

Jakita along with Ambrose chase have become the primary field operatives for the planetary group. When Snow disappeared she was even promoted to leader. Like both her parents she has a low threshold for boredom and as a result has a problem setting into a monogamous relationship.

On a trip to Earth Prime she fought Batman of the Justice League to a near standstill. In an alternate future she along with the rest of planetary were defeated and killed. After the New 52 her status is currently unknown.


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