Superman: The Man of Steel #23 Review


‘Reign of the Supermen’ continues: It’s Iron John vs. the Metropolis Kid as the Man of Steel crosses paths with the youthful Superman, and members of the media begin picking their favorite Superman. Also, Lex Luthor II squares off against the White Rabbit. All the Superman titles now use a new, upgraded color process that employs an increased color palette.



Steel takes out some gangsters who have been tracking him and in the process uncovers a mole in the press for the white rabbit. Luthor stops the tape of what transpired from hitting the press. Steel manages to save Louis Lane from death and meets the Metropolis Kid, Superboy.  Steel then meets with both Luthor and the White Rabbit. Turns out White Rabbit is a former lover and associate who’s behind the dangerous weapons on the street. When Steel refuses to join her she uses one of his weapons to send him plummeting to the streets below.  He’s saved by Superboy but White Rabbit vanishes before they can catch her.


The Good

Cover-Awesome cover with steel in the foreground while superboy floats in the background, the primary colors red, yellow and blue as highlights, very eye catching!

Art- Jon Bogdanove is still on art duty and this issue looks better than the last. Action flowed, that sexy exchange between villain and hero was also pure gold. Rock on Bogdanove!

Dark Past- Can I just say I love Steel’s background as a weapon creator and his more than strictly business relationship/history with the villain White Rabbit.

Action- Explosions galore and a few fisticuffs too!


The Bad

False Advertising- Really Steel vs Superboy? This does not happen inside the damn book!


The Ugly

An even better issue than he last! 3.5/5


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One thought on “Superman: The Man of Steel #23 Review

  • September 28, 2012 at 2:27 am

    I’m more fan of SuperBOY than Superman ! but please not THAT superboy’s costume : these sun glasses are SO ugly !!

    In the order I like :
    5.Lois Lane


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