Anaykah (Character)


Created by:Warren Ellis

1st appearance: Planetary #11 (2000)

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’8              Weight: 127 lbs

Eyes: Brown                  Hair: Black

Relatives: Jakita Wagner (Daughter)

Skills and Abilities:  Brilliant scientific mind.


Anaykah was an African native of the highly advanced city Opak-re. She was a high ranking scientist in her city who eventually became pregnant for Lord Blackstock (homage to Tarzan) a member of English nobility who lived in the surrounding jungle. When Elijah Snow the writer of the Planetary Guides came to her city they fell in love and shared a dalliance. Her interbreeding with Blackstock however lead to a child, Jakita Wagner. This angered the elders of her city who forbade any interbreeding with outsiders to maintain “purity of stock”. She entrusted her daughter to Snow and remained in her city as it was sealed off forever.

4 thoughts on “Anaykah (Character)

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  2. it’s great to see a black female as being not just sexy, but intelligent and independent. i still love booty shakers, but this is quality, something that speaks volume in a characrer …

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