Chemistro (Character)


Real Name:  Calvin Carr

Alias: Chemistro 3, Chemistro the 3rd

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Kurt Busiek and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Power Man and Iron Fist #93 (May, 1983)

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Hood’s Crime Syndicate

Legal Status: US citizen with criminal record

Height: 6’2               Weight: 220 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unnamed Parents (Status Unknown), Curtis Carr (Brother)

Skills and abilities: Street Fighting skills

Powers: None

Equiptment: Chemistro has an alchemy gun which allows him to rearrange the properties of most materials. Eg. It can turn solid ground into quicksand, air into ice etc.


The younger brother of Calvin Carr who was the first Chemistro he stole his brother’s gun after coming from prison and tried to take down Luke Cage and Iron Fist after defeating Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. This didn’t go as planned however and he found himself defeated and jailed.

When the Hood was assembling a super powered gang he was one of the first to join. Only to be jailed on the raft a supervillain prison. His alliance with the hood proved solid when the Hood broke into the prison and rescued those loyal to him. Carr was present when the hero Tigra was tortured for information on the new avengers. He was instrumental in breaking the seal protecting their home and even showed off his new fighting skills. Again they were defeated and sent to the Raft.

During Secret Invasion the hood liberated them once more and fought against the Skrull invasion. During shadowland he and other old Luke Cage villains form the flashmob to kill the new Powerman/Victor Alvarez. He manages to subdue both Luke and Danny before losing to Alvarez. Though defeated they escaped.

During Dark Reign he enjoyed free reign as a member of hood’s gang thanks to an alliance with Norman Osborn. When Hood and his lover disappeared in a bid to gain the sorcerer supreme title himself and Jonas Harrow made a power play for leadership. He was instrumental in leading the new avengers in a trap which found them de-powered and unconscious, team member mockingbird escaped however. Osborn arrived and though mockingbird rescued most of the team Chemistro managed to shoot Cage multiple times severely injuring him and finally gained his long sought revenge.

Hood eventually retook leadership of the gang while killing Harrow. Chemistro remained with the gang until hood was defeated and jailed. He remained free until being recruited by the Mandarin who gave him new tech and had him try and assassinate Tony Stark. He was apparently killed by Iron Man 2.0/War Machine.


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