3 thoughts on “Steel vs War Machine

  1. I would have to give it to Steel. Armor wise it would seem that WarMachine has the advantage, but I think it would come down to the man under armor. I’m pretty sure Rhodes is a damn good soldier that could prob. strategically destroy some people , but soldiers do better when someone else is making the decisions. Case in point when WarMachine first started wearing the suit Stark wasn’t sure if he was ready to wear it so he took the suit from him, and to prove Tony right Rhodes stole it back from him to try and aid in a bank robbery that he botched and resulted in hostages getting hurt. John is a weapons designer that built a suit to allow him to try and fill the void left by Superman’s death, and he tends to flex his brainpower more than the power of his suit. So once Steel realizes what kind of man WarMachine is it’s only a matter of time till Steel figures out a way to render Rhodes and/or the WarMachine suit useless.

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