X-men #21 Review


Symkaria violates the no fly zone so Storm and colossus stop fighting War Machine and contact Psylocke whose job is to locate Domino. The president of Puternicstan reveals the reason she has brought sentinels to her nation, to help defend them from both Symkaria and Latveria by tricking the robots computer systems to recognize anyone they want as a mutant thus becoming a viable weapon. Domino wakes up in the morgue and breaks out. Psylocke, warpath and Jubilee are found by the soldiers and call for backup after discovering a whole warehouse of Sentinels. Storm and War Machine get attacked by a sentinel who starts crushing War Machine. The Puternicstan president watches pleased as her plan works perfectly.

The Good

Cover- Cool image of Psylocke, Warpath and Jubilee

Art- Strong work from Will Conrad coupled with the inks and colors make this a very attractive comic.

Ethics- This story has allot of underlying depth. Ethics questions what you out to do and here the president of Puternicstan is trying to protect her people after her nation has continually been ravaged and plundered. In the interest of her people what she’s doing is right. Conversely the x-men have a right to destroy these machines and investigate anyone who would purchase them since their lives have are in constant danger and the looming threat of extinction is now more real than ever. Both have good points and reasons for their decisions based on background and perspective. Both are within the realms of what aught to be done which  is the conundrum

Action- No explosion but there was enough action to keep the average comic fan happy.

The Bad

When since does Domino’s heart slow enough to be confused for dead? Then she hops of the table like Wolverine? When since does she have a healing factor? I get that this was supposed to add tension but it really just prevented me from being pulled into the tale

Background- Jubilee and Warpath are just here to add numbers they serve no purpose in driving the story forward nor are they given any worthwhile line.

The Ugly



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