U.S. War Machine (Max Comics) #2 Review


After the events of last issue, Rhodey has been called on the carpet by Tony Stark. Stark, irate and drinking, proceeds to fire Rhodey. After which he returns to his apartment and is attacked by an unknown assailant. After a brief skirmish, the attacker is identified as former friend and mercenary buddy, Parnell Jacobs. Also immediately after the skirmish, Rhodey gets a call from Nick Fury, who ask Rhodey to come in, and bring Parnell with him! Rhodey turns Fury down, but is brought in by military escort. 

Chuck Austen writer- Captain America, Uncanny X-Men, The Avengers (marvel), Action Comics (DC); illustrator- Elektra; creator of Independent title Worldwatch brings a tale of espionage and high-tech action in this action thriller starring War Machine.


The Good

Story- The events on the freeway involving the War Machine armor has Tony Stark upset. So much so that he is willing to chuck his friendship with Rhodey in the garbage. The use of the War Machine armor, and the resulting 7 deaths, also weigh on Rhodey, but from the perspective of seeing the black A.I.M. agents. The attack on Rhodey by Parnell is prompted by Parnell’s need for the War Machine suit. Rhodey informs Parnell that his has been taken away by Stark. Nick Fury tells Rhodey that he has been watching him and wants to discuss business with him, seeing that he was just fired by Tony Stark.

Art- the format of the book is black and white, but it is very nice. The action sequences are on point. 

Hardcore- this book is from the MAX comics line, which is intended for Mature Readers! (it even has the parental advisory on the front!) As stated, the book is in black and white, but that doesn’t exactly mean the graphics don’t look real.Parnell Jacobs- We get to see Parnell Jacobs, who shares a rather unique relationship with Rhodey. Parnell is the husband of Rhodey’s best friend from Philly where he grew up named Glenda Sandoval. Parnell and Rhodey served in the military together, where in the civil war in Sin-Congnese, Asia Rhodey saved Parnell’s life. Parnell and Rhodey were mercenaries together after the Army, but that life wasn’t for Rhodey. found a discarded suit of War Machine armor and studied it, even using it to design weapons. Parnell eventually sold the armor to a super villain who used it to try to kill Tony Stark. The only person to know the War Machine armor better than Parnell is Tony Stark himself.


The Bad

Art- The art may throw off readers who are used to color comics; the artist’s rendering of faces could be a lot better.


The Ugly

The second issue is a little slow as it sets up the next issue.  3/5


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