Iron Patriot #2 Review

Iron Patriot #2

 UNBREAKABLE PART 2 Who is controlling the IRON PATRIOT suit?  The conspiracy to destroy America from within grows  And James Rhodes dies!!

The Good

Art– Garry Brown presents the art and while he is channeling Denys Cowan it matches the tone of the book and portrays the story well.

Cover– I like it more than last month because of the dominant American flag motif, very patriotic.

StoryJames Rhodes and his shiny new armor plummet into the depths of the ocean. Elsewhere his father is captured. His niece eludes capture and contacts the cops only to be captured by them. James escapes the suit and takes out the monster by sacrificing the suit. In the process he has to swim from the ocean depths and suffers “decompression sickness”. He is picked up by reporters who take him to “the boss” here in front of the villain James suffers a heart attack due to the decompression.

Threat- The terrorist level threat outlined in this issue was impressive in its scope. It was very effective that they used the Washington Monument and its history to open the issue right before showing its rubble. It really brought home the magnitude and far reaching ramifications of the destruction of historical monuments in general and this one in particular. The symbolism and the meaning we as humans attach to these symbols is truly what make seeing them destroyed so emotional. Good stuff!

Black HeroWar Machine/James Rhodes/Iron Patriot is here along with support characters his dad and niece.


The Bad

Action-Not much action to talk about in this one besides a monster catching fire so action junkies will not be happy.

Emotion– Despite all the drama taking place and the high stakes the story lacks any one character for the reader to connect with or even feel for. This is far from Ultimate Comics Spider-man.


The Ugly

This is a step up from the last issue but I’m still not convinced this should remain on my pull list. Iron Patriots #2 gets 3/5 stars.

stars- 3


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