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Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor (born December 10, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, dancer, and actress.

Black Panther (1998) #50 Review


The Black Panther attacks a bunch of dirty cops and sets things up so he can get a collar once he gets back to work. He is Casper Cole a cop who’s on suspension for not wearing his vest while out on the job. His heroics cause him to forget to pay his light bill this cause his pregnant girlfriend to go ballistic. He eventually pays the bill and picks up some stuff for his mom at the store. There he runs into Hunter, adopted brother of T’challa and leader of the exiled Hatut Zeraze. Hunter asks about his heroics and offers to guide him on his journey. Cole refuses and Hunter allows him to leave.

Cole visits his former boss from whom he stole the Panther suit. Tork warns him not to get involved with Hunter and to return the suit and forget heroics since the people he is tangling with would kill his whole family if they found out he’s behind everything that’s happened to them.

He then visits his dad in prison and explains what’s up with the set up and the dirty cops, he promises his dad to take care of things not able to tell him what’s truly up since he fears he may get killed.

The Good

Art- Awesomeness plashed across the action sequences of this issue! That pose of Cole with his two guns, panther suit and jacket is a timeless, perfectly drawn, inked and colored piece that will be awesome come 50 years from now! The issue itself is just a joy to behold across every page.

Story- The tale of Casper Cole is one of crime, drama and real world problems reminiscent of Peter Parker and Kyle Rayner. This is a man whose life is utterly in shambles which makes the Crime fighting all the more poignant.

Characterization- I salute Priest for a character who harkens to superheroes whose humanity and every day problems are the driving force behind everything they do. Casper would make Kyle Rayner proud (lol) Casper is a light skinned Bi-Racial kid of a very dark skinned black man “Black Jack” and his white wife. His dad was a cop who was a renegade who landed behind bars. Casper is now sole bread winner of his family which includes his mother and a pregnant girl friend who has been kicked out by her parents.  His suspension from work due to corrupt cops is also quite shitty but hit home for me. I remember my girl’s reaction to when I got suspended because I showed up my lazy boss (lol) I could relate to being without money for all the wrong reasons. The drive of Cole to provide for his family also hit home as I could relate to that from the perspective of a black man responsible for Mom, Girlfriend and kid. Hell! I could be Casper Cole!

I also loved the in depth skin coloration explored here by Priest. I myself have been accused of being a wiga (White negro) at various intervals throughout my life despite being more brown than either black or white but I could relate.  The racism one experiences as a very dark skinned black man in white countries is often harsh but conversely the racism experienced as a light skinned black person in a predominantly dark skinned world is also true. I loved that the story dealt with this without tiptoeing. His father just like mine was really dark skinned and a bit idealized like his as well. As kids we have a “sacrosanct” view of our parents and this rang true for Cole who loves and idolizes his father allot, it’s probably what lead to him even becoming a cop.

Danger- The inclusion of Hunter here is perfect as a foil to the more noble though less cultured Cole. Gangs will be after Cole soon along with Hunter and his pack consider my interest peaked!

The Bad

Some may complain that Cole’s life has too much stacked against him.

Issue was wordy and full of exposition.

Fans of T’challa may hate that Cole has taken over.

The Ugly


Pandemonium Evil Incarnate #1 Preview

PANDEMONIUM: EVIL INCARNATE, the long-awaited initial offering from Advent Comics goes on sale the week of March 30.

February 6, 2011 (Capitol Heights, MD) – PANDEMONIUM: EVIL INCARNATE, the highly anticipated first offering from Advent Comics will be released Wednesday, March 30th!  The eighty page giant introduces key characters and lays the groundwork for the Advent Comics Universe.  This tremendous undertaking features stellar work from the creative cast consisting of  writer Tony Kittrell, pencils by “The Untouchables” (Advent’s crew of up & coming artists whose mind-blowing work will take the comic book industry by storm), inking/coloring by Kyle Ammon & Rachel LaChance and lettering by Oren Kramek!  The all-star cover is drawn by Bart Sears, inked by Andy Smith, colored by Andrew Dalhouse and finished by Comicraft!  After returning from the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, Kittrell founded and put into motion what would become the imaginative and sure to be provocative Advent Comics.  “Comics have been a passion of mine for over 35 years.  As a life-long comics fan, I like most others always dreamed of one day working in the industry that I so dearly love.”  Kittrell also added “To actually give life to the hundreds of characters I created over the years is both a wonderful and extremely humbling feeling”.  PANDEMONIUM: EVIL INCARNATE is a throwback of sorts to the comics of old.  It is told in an “old-school” anthology style that develops into a tale that will introduce and unite the heroes of the Advent Universe.  The story will conclude in the 100 page giant CHAMPIONS OF HOPE and at the stories end will launch the rest of the Advent Comics line.

Advent Comics was founded in 2009 and is focused on providing high-quality comics and fan satisfaction.  Advent operates on the belief that the fans & readers needs are of the utmost importance and we seek to hopefully minister to them.  Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs and as a result we welcome the chance to deliver to you the best entertainment in the industry.  With a variety of offerings of everything from science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor, and more – Advent Comics will do everything we can to exceed your expectations and to put the SOUL back into comics!  Visit

Tanya Wallpaper

New Wallpaper coming at ya! The Villainous Tanya!

The lovely lady Tanya!

Cole Train

Gears of War’s- Cole Train

Created by: Microsoft

1st appearance: Gears of War, 2006

Species: Earthling

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: Unknown            Height: 6’4

Eyes: Brown                 Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Skilled in armed and unarmed combat.

Powers: None


Private Augustus “The Cole Train” Cole or Gus was once a successful Thrashball player known for his hard-hitting and flamboyant style. After Emergence Day, Cole joined the military as a soldier to defend earth.

Fear itself- The American Panther?!

I was not going to post this because honestly I thought is must be an early April fools joke because of the sheer stupid lunacy of it all but I want to hear what you guys think instead of blowing my top and allow steam to pump from my ears.

T'challa you are now a clown!

Here’s the American Panther…..who is it? Either T’challa, Bucky or Kasper Cole. I’m hoping it’s Cole since he’s been in Limbo far too long! If you think this is hideous then join the club!

Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian #1 Review

Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian #1 - Pirates of Manhattan


In a subway in Manhattan a train pulls up lead by a black pirate called “No beard” who rips off a man’s back which has a treasure map to the hidden subways. The man warns no beard that “all beard” will come and get him.

Outside a grocery store a man and his wife discuss getting there son in law a job. The mom and daughter drive back while the dad shows the son in law a job opportunity in the newspaper. He refuses but later that night at dinner he agrees to go.

At the building he stumbles on terrorists trying to take control. He fights them off and makes his way to the top floor. The man in charge reveals that he has passed the test and will now become heir personal superhero: The Manhattan guardian. He accepts and when he tells his girl, she is scared and excited about what will come next.

That evening he gets a call about an emergency on the subway, as he’s listening to the shilo Norman- Mister miracle;seven soldiers show. He rushes over there as the pirates light a man on fire, capture his girl and takes off on the train. He gets pulled along for the ride and shit hits the fan!

The Good

Characterization- Our hero Jake Jordan (JJ) carries allot of emotional baggage into this first story which makes him very sympathetic and accessible. As a cop of many years who witnessed his partners face get blown off, traumatized by that and accidentally shooting an innocent teen who he mistook for said killer. That’s allot of emotional guilt to walk around with. It makes his depression understandable as well as his inability to seek a job or be a good boyfriend.  This man is likeable and tragic in all the right ways.

Art- The art thanks to Cameron Stewart portray everything well. From the gruesome burning of a man alive, to the softer moments of a rekindled flame between JJ and his Wife it all looks great!

The Bad

Pirates in the subway? Seriously?

The weirdness of the villains will put some off.

Grant Morisson’s quirky tales are not for everyone if you didn’t like his mainstream work on New X-men chances are this may not be your cup of tea.

The Ugly


Lucius Hammer

Lucius Hammer

Publisher: Raven Hammer comics

Created by: Brian Williams and Christian Colbert

1st appearance:Lucius Hammer #1, 2011

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: American Guardians and The Dream Team

Legal Status: U.S Citizen with criminal record

Weight: 900 lbs    Height: 6’7

Eyes: Black             Hair: Black

Known Relatives: John Henry (Father),  Mother, Deceased)

Skills and abilities: Training in many different forms of martial arts and most conventional weapons thanks to an over one hundred and ten year lifespan.

Powers: In the universe of Lucius Hammer…It’s established that paranormal beings of different races exhibit different powers or abilities. African American paranormals tend to have increased longevity or lifespan; uncanny endurance in terms of physical pain, emotional stress…etc etc; immunity to extreme temperatures, and extreme regenerative capabilities. Lucius Hammer possesses all these things along with the super strength (On par with Hulk, Thor and Thing), dense muscle mass, leaping ability, semi-super speed, enhanced super athleticism and heightened sensory perception.


Born from the pages of American Myth and forged in the fires of Americas  civil rights struggle! In a world where black paranormals have longer life expectancies than their Caucasian counterparts, Lucius is a man searching for his place in the world. His amazing powers have enabled him to become America’s most visible and controversial superhero. But just when Lucius thinks he’s found his calling in life, certain “powers that be” join forces in a campaign to smear his good name, changing his status to Public Enemy Number One.

During his lifetime, he has been affiliated with three major groups of paranormals…The American Guardians (a team of government sponsored Negro Paranormals initiated by President John Kennedy to legalize black superheroes and to get them to deter crime in the inner cities of America.)
He then joined The Dream Team. This was an autonomous group of elite black superheroes who band together with their own agenda during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

Later on towards the end of his dwindling superhero/movie star career, Lucius bands together with an Asian Kung-Fu star called The Iron Tiger…but their relationship is reported to be one that involves plenty of celebrity excess, illicit drug use and outrageous public behavior that led to the People v.s Lucius Hammer in 1986

Way to go BH fans!

Woohoo! We are on fire! 2700+ members now! Sweet Jesus you guys make all the hard work worth it! Congratulation Black hero community as we continue to expand across the world wide web!

Be sure to invite all your friends…and enemies too ;)

Thor Tv spots unleahsed! Flying Thuder god included!!

See the flying Thundergod and Lady sif take on the destroyer as May 6th draws ever closer!

Thor Tv spot1!

1st collector for Thor tv spot 1
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Thor Tv spot2!

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Starring Chris Hemsworth as ThorNatalie Portman as Dr.Jane foster, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Idris Elba as Heimdall the upcoming live-action Marvel Studios film is scheduled for theatrical release this May.


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