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Mya is Wonderwoman!

Mya makes Amazon and Nubia proud in our latest gallery!

Nubia-Wonder woman

Wonder Woman-Nubia

Created by: Grant Morrison based on the original created by Robert Kanigher and Don Heck.

1st appearance: Final Crisis #7 (March, 2009)

Alias: Sister of Wonder Woman, Black Wonder woman, Princess Nubia, Black Amazon,

Team Affiliations: The Amazons

Legal Status: unknown

Height:6’0″                  Weight:150 lbs (64 kg)

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Black

Relatives: Hippolyta (Mother), Diana/Wonder woman (sister), Donna/Harbinger (Sister)

Skills and Abilities:  From birth she was taught the ways of warfare.


As wonder woman: She has the same powers as Wonder woman including the lasso of truth, strength on par with Superman and access to all the technology of Paradise island.


During Final crisis we see Nubia is the Wonder woman of her earth and is on friendly terms with the superman of her earth a Black Superman who also happens to be his world’s president. Her place of residence in known as Amazonia and she appears to be the queen there.

Black Wonder woman!

Here’s a new Black Wonder woman art piece by Black Heroes member Anthony Pugh :)


Black Wonderwoman

Here’s a lil image one of our members sent me, I simply had to share :)  Hope you enjoy!

Black Wonderwoman!


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