Chris Yost and Black Panther? BFF’s?

It’s been a slow week  but Chris Yost, one of my favorite mainstream comic writers, sat down with Comic Book resources to have a chat about his series “Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes” some nice tidbits here and there but get this…Black Panther fans need not worry about the King 🙂 Chris Yost is a huge fan of the character! I mean c’mon the dude named the Black Panther among his top ten favorite avengers…EVER! When prompted he gave this listing as his 6-10 favorite avengers, This bodes well for the future of the Black Panther on this series 🙂

Yost: Ms. Marvel. Hercules. Black Panther. Wonder Man/Beast (combo!). Vision.

Read the whole thing on CBR

Chris has worked on X-men evolution, The New X-men series, X-force, Red Robin, Psylocke, X-men: Worlds Apart a bunch of x-23 stories and has a reputation as a top notch writer, his gritty comic work left me thinking…….How cool would it be for Chris Yost to write a Black Panther comic book series?! Ooooh! the possibilities!!!


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