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WOBH Awards-Interview of The Year

~Interview of the year~

This was a tough one! Reggie Hudlin, Nicholas Da Silva, Jonathan Maberry and Sahra Indio just to name a few. I enjoyed each in a different way BUT Jonathan Maberry coming hot off the heels of Doomwar was the guy who’s head I wanted to get into and what a tour du france it was! His interview made me look at everything he wrote in a different light not to mention it was easily the fastest and easiest interview I did all year! Maberry gives an interview that may well be bundled with the Doomwar collection because it answers many of the questions the series leave’s you asking.

Read the Interview of the year here

New Powerman and Iron Fist #3 Cover art

New Powerman and Iron Fist #3 Cover art

Here’s another cover of The new Power man and Iron fist series by Fred Van Lente!

Steel vs War Machine



War Machine

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WOBH Awards-Male Black Superhero of the year


The Black Superhero of the year is T’challa the Black Panther who took home

1052 votes

Black Panther-Man Without Fear Cover

It’s been a rough Year for T’challa. He had his homeland ravaged by Dr. Doom in Doomwar. Gone into self imposed exile here in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, separated from Wife Storm of the X-men. It’s hard to see how 2010 was good but his series Black Panther Man Without Fear has been a great thrill ride! His replacement of Daredevil has proven controversial and sent shock waves through his fanbase. One thing is for sure no other Black Superhero had a better year!

Runner Up!

Aqualad-1011 Votes

Leader of Young Justice with a growing fanbase and a stellar debut in Geof Johns Brightest Day storyline make Aqualad the other big Black Superhero of 2010!

Here’s how the other nominees fared!

Misty Knight- 1007 Votes

Drew McIntosh-6 Votes

Hotshot- 1Vote

WOBH Awards-Best Black series: results


Doomwar! Go ahead laugh because you haven’t read Black Panther vol.3 and Black Panther vol.4 from 2005-2010 or you just hate change or even because it was not your cup of tea! Make your blood pressure rise because you miss Vibranium in wakanda! Lambaste what you consider a downgrade for everyone from Wakanda BUT know this Doomwar takes the African nation into new territory. T’challa has been taken back to the priest inspired batman stuff that fans have clamored for since Hudlin took over. Me? I enjoyed every panel, sure we could nitpick till next year BUT it was an unpredictable thrill ride of an event which I loved! To top it off the issues where some of the highest rated comics we reviewed this year!

Read everything about Doomwar here

Fans choice

The Unknown Soldier” which highlights many of the problems faced by Uganda & it’s surrounding regions while having Great characters, story, and action was picked by our fans. The titular character pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable to save his people. Sure it got canceled at issue #25 but It’s cultural relevance makes it noteworthy enough to win this coveted prize.

Click the pictures for the previews  :)

New Powerman and Iron Fist #2 Cover art

New Powerman and Iron Fist #2 cover art

Fred Van Lente is one of the guys I really want to talk to in the coming year! In the meantime feast your pretty little eyes on this cover of his upcoming series starring the New Powerman.

WOBH Awards-Best new Black Character: Results

Drew McIntosh from the Dread & Alive series is the best new Black Character of 2010 for a number of reasons.

Why he won: All the other nominees are a newer version of already established characters. The peoples choice Aqualad is a black version of an originally white sidekick. Sure there are other bells and whistles but that’s what he is. New Powerman is a mix of Luke and Danny in a modern package. Our winner Drew on the other hand as weird as it may seem is the first Jamaican Rastafarian Superhero EVER! With the far reaching sales of Bob Marley one would think mainstream would have done this already but instead it’s Da Silva who delivers a believable superhero without a cape or cowl but with real world problems relevant to the everyday man. The hairstyle was made popular by Lucas Bishop back in the 90′s other heroes rock the hairdo as well even Aqualad does :) but none of them have ties to the country in which it originated. Drew also gets props for being related to the Jamaican maroons. Black historians types know that they fought against slavery savagely and maintained their independence even during that dark time in our worlds history. Much can be learned from Drew and his many ties to real world Jamaican culture and history. Cheers Da Silva you did good!

Fan choice winner: Aqualad



Created by: Capcom

1st appearance: Street Fighter III, 1997

Species: Earthling

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 155 lbs            Height: 5’8

Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Brown

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Skilled fighter.

Powers: A measure of chi control and with great concentration he can perfect Shotoken Techniques.


Brazilian born Sean became a huge fan of veteran fighter Ken Masters while observing the street Fighter tournament. He then vowed to one day train under his “idol” and created a fighting style based on that of Ken. Sean then enters the tournament but id defeated by Ryu.


WOBH Awards-Best new Black Character: nominations

~The nominees for best new black character of 2010 are~

New Powerman by Fred Van Lente

New AquaLad by Geof Johns

Drew McIntosh by Nicholas Da Silva

Check back later for the results

Black Panther Man Without Fear 515 COVER!!!

Black panther man without fear 515 cover art

Have you read Black Panther man without fear? If you haven’t then your missing a tale that’s already intricately woven by master scribe David Liss.  Here is the unlettered cover for issue 115! Can’t wait!


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