Supreme Power- NightHawk #2 Review

Supreme Power- NightHawk #2


The guy who shagged the clown last issue panics upon realizing he’s lost the prisoner. The woman expecting the clown is pissed! In the bathroom the prisoner violently beats the clown before drowning him in the sink. He dresses as the clown and makes his escape. Five weeks later Nighthawk watches a crack house full of users, he kills two them before busting the man in charge. He breaks his knee in an attempt to find out who his supplier is, suddenly the man coughs up blood and dies, so does everyone else at the crack house. In the bathroom a pregnant black woman had apparently just given birth in the toilet before she died. Nigthhawk rips off his mask and gives the child CPR. Miraculously the child lives. Nighthawk then jumps in his Jet and flies off swiftly to a doctor he knows. There she reveals that the drug killing epidemic has the hospital full and people are dieing like flies.

The Good

Nighthawk is revealed as not just another Batman rip off but a Black man (sue me I’m shallow).

We learn more about Nigthhawk here and his methods, he has no problem killing his adversaries and using extreme force. His technology also gets a highlight, his infrared goggles and his Jet.

I liked the fact that the story revolves around societies outcasts, in this case the drug addicts. It shows the dangers of the addiction and the lifestyle…..the birth by toilet is just gruesome and harrowing yet something that happens everyday somewhere. That was a bold show!

The Bad

Our villain’s escape is a bit too easy……c’mon he goes missing and there was no total lockdown of said facility? Yeah right!

Our villain has a “Joker” feel to him just like Nigthhawk is the “batman” of the series. Some people won’t like the similarities.

Art, violence and language will make this series inappropriate for minors and the family.

The Ugly

Average 2.5/5


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