Young Justice Episode 4- Aqualad is the official leader!

In case you missed it Young Justice Episode 4: Drop Zone  was on cartoon network yesterday and its official Aqualad IS THE LEADER as we originally predicted in our first young Justice post! (I know I rock)

If you don’t want to be spoiled check out the images at the Young Justice Episode episode 4 image gallery.


Bane and Cobra battle it out over a venom factory in Santa Prisca. Robin and Kid Flash bicker about leading the team. Bane allies with the team then betrays them. A new Cobra formula superior to Venom is being made with components from the Cadmus serum and Venom able to give permanent super powers. The villains plan to use this to take down the justice league. Aqualad saves them from certain death and by unanimous decision is made leader. They take down Bane and Cobra and destroy all the new Cobra formula except one. Sportsmaster escapes with the formula and returns to the people who were running Cadmus, they brand Young Justice enemies to be dealt with accordingly. Batman congratulates the team on the leader selection and on a job well done.

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3 responses to “Young Justice Episode 4- Aqualad is the official leader!

  • robert

    it was said that Aqualad was going to be leader from the very beginning. Cartoon Network said so in a commercial for the show that was showed many many times before “Drop Zone” aired, and he’s only leading until Robin can learn to grow up. Although I prefer Aqualad as a leader over Robin

  • Bob

    Really looking forward to the next new Young Justice episode! So far the TV series has been a blast to watch. Now that I have Sling technology with DISH Network, I can use my iPhone to see the shows anywhere I have a 3G connection. Being that I am a customer and employee of DISH I can’t recommend the TV Everywhere feature enough to anyone with a busy lifestyle.

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