Oblivion (Character)


Created by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan.

1st appearance: Icon #22, May 1993

Nationality: Unknown

Alias: Kali’kak

Team Affiliations: no

Legal Status: Inter-galactic criminal wanted across the galaxy.

Weight: Variable       Height: Variable

Eyes: Variable             Hair: Variable

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Skilled in armed and unarmed combat.

Powers: He has complete control over his atomic structure thus, he can augment his physical form in a variety of ways including manipulating his size, virtually unlimited strength, hardening portions of his body into armor, reshaping his arms into a variety of melee weapons etc. His malleable body also means he is very resistant to physical injury. In addition to this he can fire concussive force beams from his hands.


A long time ago before Arnus came to Earth he sentenced Kali’lkak to isolation though he did not wish to do so because he was unable to live among civilized beings. Though his isolation was as comfortable as any citizens everyday life he did not view it as an act of mercy [Icon #26].

Before he was sentenced to isolation though he decided to hurt Arnus and thus sabotaged his ship resulting in his crash landing on earth and him eventually becoming Icon  [Icon #25].

His exile was supposed to be rehabilitative but he left what he called a “prison planet” after killing his therapists he went on a rampage across the galaxy on his way to Earth to kill Icon. After killing over three hundred lifeforms he took to calling himself Oblivion [Icon #26].

Once on Earth he continued to massacre all he saw until he was confronted by the New Rocket and Icon/BuckWild. In a decisive battle he killed the new Icon/Buckwild causing the new rocket to flee [Icon #25].

Engaging the original Rocket in battle he gained the upper hand until the Original Icon returned to Earth to put an end to his rampage [Icon #26].

Together the original Icon and Rocket made short work of Oblivion as Icon used his powers to overload his nano assemblers thus taking away his powers. Not soon after the authorities from the federation came to pick up the prisoner. It’s unknown where he is now [Icon #27].


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