Denys Cowan’s Art Goes Missing!!!

You read that headline right! Comics legend and Milestone comics co-founder Denys Cowan‘s original art pieces, twenty seven (27) in in total have gone missing! Said pieces were to be used in the “Milestones: African Americans In Comics, Pop Culture and Beyond” exhibit in the Baltimore museum. The very outspoken Milestone comics Co-founder and friend, Michael Davis had this to say about the situation:


Denys CowanIncluded were irreplaceable work from original Milestone concept drawings to Batman #400 pages other works from both before and after those career highlights.

My work (some of it) arrived at the Geppi on Saturday. Denys’ did not. On Monday UPS says it tried to deliver Denys’s package but the Geppi was closed because of a snowstorm.

On Tuesday Denys’ box arrived. In that box was some damn fine art. Problem was 27 pieces of Denys’ 28 pieces of art were NOT in the box.

Gone. Perhaps, forever.

You can read the whole thing here. Now I don’t know about you guys but this story has pissed me off royally! I’m also urging everyone to be on the look out locally and on the internet for anyone selling Denys Cowan art. The man put his heart and soul into his work and it just goes missing? WTH? I’m hoping and praying that the art shows up, intact to Mr. Cowan.



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0 thoughts on “Denys Cowan’s Art Goes Missing!!!

  • December 21, 2013 at 2:44 am

    Stolen is more appropriate. And I’m going to “assume” It was by a UPS employee. I don’ t know how 28 pieces of art, sealed in plastic, can fall out of a sealed box, and 1 piece fall back in and seal itself up.
    No it’s safe for us to,assume UPS doesn’t want the idea of thieves in there company.


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