Black Panther #170 Review

KLAW STANDS SUPREME Part 5! With Storm back by his side, T’Challa finally confronts Ras the Exhorter, the mysterious villain summoning dark creatures to Wakanda. But what the Black Panther learns will shake all he believes. Who IS Ras The Exhorter? And what is his connection to T’Challa’s old foes? And to celebrate the release of Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER movie, this issue includes an exclusive interview with the film’s director, Ryan Coogler, and Ta-Nehisi Coates!


Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Artist: Leonard Kirk, Color Artist: Laura Martin, Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino, Design: Manny Medeiros, Logo: Rian Hughes, Cover by: Phil Noto, Variant Covers: Anna Rud and Nolan Woodard; Marco Checchetto, Editor: Wil Moss, Associate Editor: Sarah Brunstad, Executive Editor: Tom Revoort, Publisher: Marvel Comics.


What I thought

T’challa, Thunderball, Shuri, the Hatut Zeraze, Zawavari, Eden Fesi, Asha, Vibraxas and Kasper engage Ras the Exhorter and the horde of creatures from Wakandas past. Together they defeat the villain and then unmask him as…Asira Aka Queen Diving Justice.

It was a mind blowing reveal, all things considered. A fan favourite character reworked as a villain is a tried and true formula but man if it did not pack a huge Vibranium punch! The art was pretty detailed especially in the moments where Changamire spoke with his student Tetu. This was an action heavy issue which was pitch perfect for the stakes being this high. It was an emotional moment that only long time fans could truly appreciate. Shuri and her vast array of powers is just a beast on this battlefield. Coates is really writing some strong women. The relationship between Storm and T’challa is handled so well I feel like I’m falling in love with them all over again. The exchanges between Changamire and Tetu were the best part for me honestly. Deep, thought provoking and something that more modern day comics need.

I give this issue 4/5 stars


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