Changamire (Character)

First Appearance: Black Panther Vol. 6 #2, 2016

Created by: Ta Nahesi Coates and Brian Stelfrez

Alias: Unknown

Citizenship: Wakanda

Height: Unknown                  Weight: Unknown

Eye Color: Brown                  Hair Color: White

Relatives:  Khadijah (Wife)

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: None


Described as a dissident Philosopher at Shule as well as the Heretic of Birnin Azzaria. Before that he was a handpicked tutor for King T’Chaka’s Royal Court [Black Panther #4, 2016]. It was suggested by Ramonda that he made her feel like a woman when she first came to Wakanda. It is also suggested that Changamire may have been in love with Ramonda and she was at least attracted to him. He dreamed of a Wakanda in which peasants and kings were brothers [Black Panther #7].

He was exiled for exhortation against the monarchy [Black Panther #4, 2016]. After his student Tetu rebelled alongside Zenzi he was visited so the two could have a philosophical debate about the matter [Black Panther #2, 2016].

When the rebel shaman was found to be one of his students Ramonda visited him [Black Panther #4, 2016].

When the revolution became too bloody he was taken to Tetu in the Forrest who wanted him to join their revolution. He declined and voiced his dissatisfaction with them [Black Panther #7]. Returning home and taking with his love Khadijah he realized the error of his ways [Black Panther #9, 2017].

Later he is visited by T’challa and after they talk and he sees what his student’s revolution has down to Ramonda he finally relents and decides to give his aid to T’Challa [Black Panther #10].

His broadcast to the nation about an end to the revolution was perhaps the most important trun in the battle [Black Panther #11, 2017].


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