Blood Syndicate


Rival members of Dakota’s most powerful gangs, they were exposed to an experimental tear gas that left them more than human. Forced by extraordinary circumstance to band together, they now face Society’s problems on their own terms, by their own rules-the only way they know how.


The Blood Syndicate began with a dispute between Dakota’s street gangs that led to the disaster known as the big bang. Skirmishes between the Paris Bloods and the Fox Demons over drug money exploded when the demons also stumbled into a turf war with the force Syndicate. The Paris bloods and the force syndicate united against the demons who allied with the Paris Bloods foes the Sadler All Stars. The Doble Eles joined the Paris Bloods to even things up, and battle plans were drawn. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 10, Blood Syndicate I)

Preparation for the Big Bang were extensive, each gang knew alliances would be short lived at best. Each gang made secret plans to betray even the most solemn of pacts. Some of the smaller satellite gangs also made cross alliances all their plans would prove insufficient in the face of what the authorities had in store. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 11, Blood Syndicate II)blood syndicate

News of the impending violence is hard to keep secret and word of the BIG BANG was no exception. The police heard about the upcoming gang war in plenty of time to discuss their options with the mayor’s office. Public outcry over the crime rate and an upcoming reelection made the choice clear. Coordinating the city’s elite law enforcement teams with a technical assist from Alva technologies, a final strike against dakota’s gangs was planned. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 12, Blood Syndicate III)

City of Dakota mayor Thomasina Jefferson decided to go all out in her efforts to thwart the Big Bang. In addition to ordering a curfew to be enforced by the city’s elite cops S.H.R.E.D and G.R.I.N.D she also decided to test an Alva Technologies “Bonus’ an experimental tear gas laced with a radioactive dye. Anyone with a trace of the dye could be tracked down by the radioactive signature of the gas. No one at the Big Bang would escape-Prosecution that is. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 13, Blood Syndicate IV)

No one anticipated the sheer Chaos that the Big Bang became. Nine of Dakota’s most deadly military forces would clash, only two of them on the side of law and order. Even hardened police veterans had a difficult time maintaining control. The Experimental gas was deployed almost immediately: by the time its full effects were known, it was too late. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 14, Blood Syndicate V)

The experimental gas provided by Alva technologies was a far more final solution to Dakota’s gang problem than anticipated. The radioactive dye marker killed most of those it tagged, instead of leaving them alive to be tracked down later. The gas seeped through police gas masks and protective garments as well and many S.H.R.E.D and G.R.I.N.D officers died alongside the gang members. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 15, Blood Syndicate VI)

As Police units deserted the scene of devastation that would come to be known as the Big Bang, the high tech systematics went to work, silently picking over the scene. They removed a number of bodies including those of Kwai and Brickhouse, covering any trace of their presence. The Nature of systems role in these events has never been adequately explained. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 16, Blood Syndicate VII)

Finally, too few of the victims staggered to their feet, astonished that they had survived, but survived as what? Some had twisted bodies with remarkable abilities, some gained amazing powers. All had been forever changed, many of them made their way independently to the area’s largest landmark-the abandoned Louislier factory.  (Skybox Milestone Trading card 17, Blood Syndicate VIII)

In the Weeks following the Big Bang, Dakota’s woes dominated the national news. A reliable death count and eyewitnesses to the debacle never materialized. The state legislature made Paris Island an ‘Enterprise Zone’, but the precise nature of the aid to be offered is still under debate. The site of the Big Bang, now known as ‘Ground Zero’ belongs to the Blood Syndicate-for now. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 18, Blood Syndicate IX)


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